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Hangzhou’s Night Food – The Taste of the Future 2018-10-11
Hangzhou, also dubbed as Food Paradise, boasts a large number of food streets in which distinct flavours and aromas have been known to come alive at night. There are already a number of streets serving a variety of night time snacks and dishes - the most popular being Qinghefang Street followed by Hedong Road. Whichever avenue you visit, Hangzhou’s street food at night could be the taste of what’s to come. 

For a bite into Hangzhou’s best food streets then visit the following:

Hedong Road

Hedong Road can be counted as one of the oldest food streets in Hangzhou with the most varieties of night snacks. From little lobster, salted beef and hairy crab to hot spicy Hunan Cuisine and Sichuan Cuisine, Hedong Road caters for every taste. The night market of Hedong Road consists of two sections, Chaohui 3rd Block and Chaohui 9th Block, the former block is mainly dominated by neatly-decorated restaurants but closes relatively early at 2am, while the latter block is home to a large number of snack booths operating until 4am with some running 24/7.

Recommended Restaurants: Farmers’ Baked Fish (农夫烤鱼); Liang Da Ma Ma Restaurant (梁大妈妈菜馆)

Jinjiang Seafood Street

Located in Jinjiang Square on No.288 Qiutao Road, Jinjiang Seafood Street occupies an area of 1000 sq m and boasts the largest seafood retail market in Hangzhou. Although a seafood retail market during the day, when night falls the street is teemed with foodies diving in and out of snack booths. For seafood lovers here you will easily see food you like.

Recommended restaurants: Old Woman Barbecue, Hailuxian Restaurant (海陆鲜烩饭店)

Xinyifang Street

Among the many food streets in Hangzhou Xinyifang Street, adjacent to the Grand Canal, no doubt enjoys the most advantageous location. At night the street is overflowing with people enjoying a number of flavours and scenic sights too. The Street is a gathering place for Zhejiang delicacies including the renowned Quzhou (衢州) and Wenzhou dishes (温州). To soak up a number of experiences then visiting Xinyifang Street is a must.

Recommended Restaurants: Xiao Feng Nian Seafood (小丰年海鲜), Xu Fu Niu Za (许府牛杂)

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