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By 2019 Hangzhou Subway Network Will Get Further Enlarged 2018-10-23
November 24, 2012 witnessed the birth of Zhejiang Province’s first metro line which is just the Hangzhou Metro Line 1. Two years later on the same day, the southeast section of Hangzhou Metro Line 2 opened. This year on Feb.2, Hangzhou Metro Line 4 opened its first operating section, which means the achievement of Hangzhou subway framework. Now Hangzhou subway grows into a network age. The city life is now more convenient and flexible than before.

In 2015, the extended section of Hangzhou Metro Line 1 will open.

In 2017, the northwest section and extended section of Hangzhou Metro Line 2 is expected to start trial run. The south section, including 8 metro stations, of Hangzhou Metro Line 4, is expected to open.

In 2018, Hangzhou Metro Line 6 is expected to open.

In 2019, Hangzhou Metro Line 5 is expected to open.

In the near future, Hangzhou City is expected to see the open of metro line 7, 9, 10 …

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Sailing in the Famous Painting2018-10-26
Scenes depicted in the famous Chinese painting “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains” are currently undergoing restoration and construction.
Hangzhou’s Barrier-free Tourism2018-10-26
This year, Hangzhou has initiated around 30 dedicated travel routes and products for those who are physically challenged, the first of which is targeted at one-day tours around Hangzhou city.
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