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Spring Is in the Air 2018-10-11
Spring is no doubt the season for all things flowery and with plum blossom rapidly fading it is now the time for yulan, pinky peach and snowy white pear blossoms to take the floral spotlight. It is in this beautiful season, with spring breezes and invigorating fragrances that the much-anticipated Spring Party has kicked off in Hongyuan Villa. This year’s theme is 'love in spring' and focuses on activities of music, art and food in one of Hangzhou’s most adored seasons.

Activity One: Listening to Classic Music amid Flowers

The highlight of this year's Spring Party is in Xixi National Wetland Park where vibrant flowers bloom in every direction and colourful windmills spin to the surrounding spring’s breeze and a beautiful girl dressed in Qipao passes you by in a boat leaving you lost in a sea of flowers to her sensational sounds of the Qin, a locally played stringed instrument.

Activity Two: Hongyuan Villa Spring Feast

Spring is also the time to savour local delicacies and what better place to sample these than at Xixi National Wetland Park, home to a range of organic products such as spring bamboo shoots and fresh fish and shrimps residing in the local ponds and rivers. You can also take part in the ‘food hunting’ trip, which involves trying your hand at drying ponds to capture fish, searching for edible plants and herbs and then cooking them.

Activity Three: Flying Kites

During every weekend of the Spring Party there will be classes, taught by experts, on how to make traditional Chinese kites from bamboo strips and paper. On April 5 there will also be a kite-flying competition.

In addition, in Hongyuan Villa, you will be able to experience what being a student was like in the olden days, learning about the etiquette of old-fashioned Chinese school and their teaching methods.

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