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Xixi Huazhao Festival– The Birth of Flowers 2018-11-16
Xixi Huazhao Festival, commencing today until May 10, has been held every year since it was re-discovered in 2011. Huazhao Festival is a colourful event where visitors can feast their eyes on a number of seasonal treats and floral creations and gather together to appreciate spring’s most beautiful arrangement of flowers.


Traditionally known as the ‘Flower Deity Festival', Huazhao Festival is an occasion to celebrate the alleged birth of flowers. The exact time when Huazha Festival first emerged is unclear but there is a book that refers to it as early as the ‘Spring and Autumn Period’ (BC770- BC476/403).

2015 Huazhao Festival

The 2015 Xixi Huazhao Festival mainly takes place along one causeway, one river and within three gardens. It is a festival celebrating the love of flowers through nature and at the same time covers a wealth of sightseeing and entertainment.

Lu Causeway (Green Causeway), the main venue of the festival, is lavishly decorated with flowers and visitors are welcomed through arches of multi-coloured flowers and a display of 3D flowers blossoms from the ground.

Xixi National Wetland, known for 70% of its land covered by water, will display along its banks a wide variety of flowers and floral artifacts, which visitors can appreciate from any one of the park’s leisure boats. Gliding leisurely through nature and to be greeted along the way by floral masterpieces is a charming way to spend any part of your day.

To further enhance the charm of this year's Huazha Festival three gardens have been added. Huazhao Culture, Huazhao Wedding and Huazhao Health Gardens each showcases, through flowers, informative displays and activities, the importance of flowers. The activities in Huazha Culture are aplenty and cater to a number of tastes – here you can learn about flowers through the dynasties, see medicinal remedies and you can even try tasting a number of fragrant foods made from petals. Activities like decoraiate the unique water plants of Xixi National Wetland Park as well as planting your own plants or you can just sit back and enjoy a cup of tea in one of Hangzhou’s best nature-inspired locations.

With so many floral activities on offer, the biggest highlight of the festival still has to be the ten azalea trees in full bloom. They are not only more than one hundred year’s old but they are deliberately planted to form a circle and when one walks into the circle it is like walking into a castle built by azaleas.

With an abundance of flowers, some from all over the world, this 2015 Huazhao Festival held at Xixi is a blooming great day out for all the family.

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