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A Ride with Nature 2018-11-16
If you are a cycling enthusiast or simply want to experience Hangzhou’s impressive landscape in a different way, then the annual Hangzhou Cycling Event is for you. First held in 2008 it has been gathering consecutively for eight years and this year’s event will be held in downtown Hangzhou. With a well-developed public bicycle renting system, the unrivalled Jiangnan scenery and greenways along three rivers, Qiantang River, Fuchun River and Xin’an River - taking a ride with nature is sure to set you on the right path to discovering Hangzhou.  

The 8th Hangzhou Cycling Event, held on Mar. 21 and Mar. 22 in Gaoting Mountain (皋亭山), is one of the highlights of Hangzhou’s spring tourist events. The route of every year's cycling event is carefully selected and this year’s Gaoting Scenic Area in the Jiangnan region is the only unspoilt scenic spot in eastern Hangzhou to combine both natural scenery and historical and cultural heritage.

Gaoting, with a history of over one thousand years, was established in the Qi Dynasty (AD 221-207), bloomed in the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and declined in the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing Dynasties (1636-1912). Since ancient times viewing peach blossom in Gaoting Mountain has been one of the traditional things for Hangzhounese people to do and with the annual cycling event fast approaching riding through range upon range of mountains covered in peach blossom is both a healthy and hearty challenge worth pursuing.

Besides the unique peach blossom this year’s event also provides visitors with activities like Colour Ride, the first of its kind in Hangzhou, where cyclists are showered with coloured powder along the cycling route. At night, together with your friends, you can also take part in activities such as the bonfire party which will light up the day’s events while you share your heart-warming cycling experiences. For those wanting to take their cycling skills one step further then you can also join in the Mountain Bike racing held the next day in Cuifeng Manor Mansion (翠峰庄园)

Mar 21 Colour Ride
Mar 22 Mountain Bike racing
Info: Enrollment is available at www.51bike.com and www.zibike.com with a limitation of 800 people (the one-day itinerary has a limitation of 600 people and two-day 200 people).
Fare: RMB20 per person for Colour Ride
RMB110 per person for Colour Ride and Mountain Bike racing
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