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Hangzhou and Its Blossoming West Lake 2018-11-16
At this time of year the West Lake, a tranquil expanse of water, reflects not only a cultural city buzzing with history and modern day charm but also an abundance of flowers springing out from its beautiful borders and spectacular scenic spots.

Su Causeway and Bai Causeway (苏堤和白堤)
Highlight: Peach Blossom and Green Willow Trees
Time: Late March to April

During springtime green weeping willow and pinky peach blossom, along with multi-coloured flower beds, dominate the entire length of the Su Causeway which creates a most picturesque scene that is both breath-taking and beautiful. Come rain or shine both the petals of the blossom and the leaves of the willow tree tower elegantly over the glistening West Lake, adding appeal and an assortment of colour to the city and its surrounding verdant landscape.

Walking the length of Su Causeway is a wonderful way to view some of Hangzhou’s most impressive flowers however it can also be quite tiring, so for those who like to sit and gaze at the West Lake and its floral surroundings, then there are many pavilions and benches dotted along the way.

Last year over 40 different variety of peach tree were planted in Su Causeway which can now be seen to be growing gracefully and Bai Causeway is also another place where you can view these two remarkable species of tree.

Viewing Fish at Flower Pond (花港观鱼)
Highlight: Peonies
Time: Middle April
Viewing Fish at Flower Pond is well-known for its fish, its stream and an array of flowers among which the peony is its most famous and which can also be seen blossoming inside the park’s Peony Garden. The Peony’s cultivation dates back as far as 1,400 years ago and the flower is regarded in China as a symbol of happiness. Also known as ‘the king of flowers’, because of its unusual size and variety of bright colours, the peony is in fact China’s most treasured ornamental flower.

Last year the Peony Garden was awarded China's Best Botanical Garden and in order to keep up appearances, the garden has since introduced many new species of peony, eight of which are from Shandong and two of which are from Japan. A colourful spectrum of white, pink, purple, light yellow and multi-coloured peonies will soon be in full bloom and it is from up high in the Peony Pavilion that visitors can see panoramically the colourful blanket that forms this beautiful bed of flowers.

Prince Bay Park (太子湾)
Highlight: Orychophragmus Violaceus and Cherry Blossom
Time: Middle March to Middle April
After 22 years of seeing tulips rise up from the grounds of Prince Bay Park, this year orychophragmus violaceus, an indigenous herbal plant that bears bright purple flowers, will be in full bloom. In spite of being described as plain and wild, the little purple flower possesses the same romance, charm and colour as lavender does. Growing wildly against rippling water and craggy hills and accompanied by pink cherry blossom, this new addition to Prince Bay Park is a colourful change but one that still sets the scene as the favourite place for newly-weds to take their wedding photos.

Huiyin Korean Temple (慧因高丽寺)
Highlight: Tulip
Time: Middle March to Early April
The popular tulip exhibition, held for the last 22 years in Prince Bay Park, has been relocated to Huiyin Korean Temple. Originally built in 927 Huiyin Korean Temple, one of the 36 historical and cultural sites on the western bank of West Lake, gained its name from the Korean prince who came to Hangzhou in 1085 to practice Buddhism. Unlike other modern Jiangnan style temples around the West Lake, Huiyin Korean Temple is designed in Tang and Song dynasty style and is home to the tallest revolving bookshelf of archives in the world.

The tulip exhibition, taking place this spring, will be the largest in history and over 100 species of tulips will be on display.

Yuhu Bay and Turtle Pool Scenic Area (浴鹄湾和乌龟潭)
Highlight: Pear blossom and Chinese Flowering Apple
Time: Late March to Middle April
These two scenic areas are situated west of Yanggong Causeway and north of Nanshan Road and with fewer tourists are able to pride themselves in having a natural and wild setting which is often hard to find in a bustling city. There are over 80 Chinese flowering apples, 50 pear and 60 lilac trees blooming in tranquil Yuhu Bay which is not only a fruitful sight but a peaceful getaway too.
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