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Sail into the Light 2018-10-18
The Grand Canal, more than 2,000 years old and a newly listed UNESCO world heritage site, has a glowing reputation for enlightening all who visit it, especially at night and during the Lantern Festival.

From Mar. 4 to Mar. 7 you can board a night cruise exclusively for lantern viewing and participate in a number of festival activities. The line travels between the East Pier of Gongchen Bridge and Wulinmen Pier and passes through three historical and cultural blocks: Qiaoxi Historical Block, Xiaohe Straight Street and Dadou Road. The route also connects two main venues of the lantern festival, Canal Plaza and West Lake Cultural Plaza, which offers visitors not only the pleasure of viewing the famous Beijing to Hangzhou Grand Canal but also the chance to soak up the lantern festival atmosphere.

In an antique boat decorated with red lanterns you can sail into the light and enjoy beautiful reflections of red lanterns in the water as well as the spectacular night view of ‘City•People•Light’, a light show designed by the world-class light artist Roger Narboni.

After leisurely gliding along the Grand Canal you can then head to Canal Plaza and see 365 traditional silk umbrellas and fans dancing in neon lights and at West Lake Cultural Plaza lantern exhibitions, riddles and Yuanxiao (a Lantern Festival snack, symbolising the reunion of family members and a smooth forthcoming year) are all waiting to be seen, solved and sampled.

For those who would like to bring home their very own lantern then along the jetty of Wulinmen Pier from 18:30 to 21:00, 2015 lanterns representing the year 2015 and their riddles can be found – all you need to do is solve them, however, in case you can’t then the lanterns are also available for purchase. In order to participate in the activity simply show the ship ticket for lantern festival.


Lantern Festival Night Cruise Mar.4 - Mar.7

A. Wulinmen Pier → East Pier of Gongchen Bridge

B. East Pier of Gongchen Bridge →Wulinmen Pier
Time: Available from 18:45 to 20:45

Info: Both ships run every fifteen minutes with the first departing at 18:45 and the last at 20:45. The single trip takes roughly half an hour.
Ticket: RMB50 for adult; RMB20 for children from 1.2m to 1.5m; free for children under 1.2 m

Wulinmen Pier

Add: Beside Building C of Hangzhou Tower, No.208 North Huancheng Road (环城北路208号杭州大厦C座运河边)

Tel: (0571) 85190851、85021237

East Pier of Gongchen Bridge

Add: Northwest of Canal Plaza (运河文化广场西北面运河边)

Tel: (0571)56079230、56079211

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