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Romantic Places in the Heart of Hangzhou 2018-11-16
Alluring people from all over the world for its breathtaking scenery, Hangzhou also captures the hearts and minds of tourists and locals for its romantic scenic spots and eye-catching attractions:

Lovers Bridges

Known to locals as 'Lovers Bridges'; Broken Bridge (断桥), Long Bridge (长桥) and Xiling Bridge (西泠桥) are three of Hangzhou's most romantic bridges, where lovers have been known to meet, reunite and gaze out from and into the heart of Hangzhou.

Of the three, Broken Bridge enjoys the greatest reputation, as its appearance when covered in snow resembles a 'Broken Bridge'. It is also the platform where Xu Xian and White Snake, two legendary figures, met and departed. Returning to the bridge after she was rejected, White Snake sang in true operatic style "The Bridge is not broken, but my heart is". One of the top ten views of the west lake, the bridge may be called broken but it is most certainly one of the most romantic and beautiful fixed spots in Hangzhou city.
The so-called Long Bridge is in fact the shortest of all the bridges around the West Lake but is the best vantage point in which to view the city's landmark Leifeng Pagoda, which elegantly towers above the glistening West Lake. The bridge, only 3m long, is known as the long bridge because in the legend of 'the Butterfly Lovers' the young couple, not wanting to leave each other, walk the length of the bridge 36 times making it as long as 9 kilometers.

Xiling Bridge is the most sentimental of the three as it is lovingly and loyally associated with Su Xiaoxiao, a literary figure who was regarded as beautiful as a lotus growing on the West Lake. It was on Xiling Bridge that Su Xiaoxiao met the love of her life, a rich boy named Ruan Yu.   However after marrying her, Ruan Yu soon abandoned her for his father, which led to Su Xiaoxiao dying of a broken heart. Buried near the bridge Su Xiaoxiao, and her true love story, has attracted many admirers and Xiling Bridge is now a symbol of her love and devotion.

Wansong Academy (万松书院)

Wansong Academy during the 13th-20th century was the master of all academies and at that time was also the largest and most influential school of its kind. Despite the record number of scholars who studied here, Wansong Academy is most famous for teaching Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, two mediocre students who poetically speaking became known as the Chinese equivalent of Romeo and Juliet. It was here in Wansong Academy that the hearts of the two butterfly lovers began to flutter and it is also the same place many years later that has become known for its matchmaking in Hangzhou.

Yanggong Causeway (杨公堤)

As a landmark of the West Lake and the most famous counterpart of Bai Causeway and Su Causeway, Yanggong Causeway is, with its ‘Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden’, Flower Nursery, Maojiabu, Turtle Pool, Yihu Bay and ‘Viewing Fish at Flower Pond’, one of the most serene and romantically positioned avenues to border the tranquil waters of the West Lake.  Offering unparalleled scenery as well as privacy for courting couples, Yanggong Causeway is also one of the best places to shoot wedding photos, where two hearts and a number of fond memories can be captured forever.

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