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Fuchun Resort – the Great Escape 2018-11-16
The annual meeting is now a traditional aspect of any sized company and one that both employees and company leaders recognise as of great importance. For employees the annual meeting is like a carnival, a colourful show of events that includes feasting on fine food and engaging in all kinds of entertainment with the added bonus of receiving a red packet for the previous year’s hard work.  For company leaders the annual meeting is a time to reflect on the past – working together with employees in providing a more successful future.

With Traditional Chinese New Year – Spring Festival soon approaching, companies are busy arranging their annual event. The following four recommendations, each with their own personal style, offer the ideal setting for business liaisons, leisurely stays and the well known traditional annual meeting.

Top of the list is Fuchun Resort which nestles at the foot of misty Fuchun Mountains beside the glistening Fuchun River. Within easy driving range from Hangzhou (about one hour), the resort offers a great escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Opened in 2004 Fuchun Resort was quickly acknowledged in 2005 by ‘Conde Nast Traveller’ magazine as one of the best new hotels in the world and has since become listed as a member of LHW (the Leading Hotels of the World).

With elements of Jiangnan style architecture Fuchun Resort is in fact inspired by the 13th Century painting ‘Dwelling in Fuchun Mountains and Rivers’. Huang Gongwang, the artist behind this masterpiece, was a highly acclaimed Chinese painter in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and in 1347 he left the bustling world behind and chose to spend his late years idling at the bank of the Fuchun River. It is during these years that he expressed his love for Fuchun River's picturesque scenery and with every brush stroke made Fuchun become what it is recognised for today – a landscape of breath-taking scenery. Even though the painting has been kept in two parts, one in Zhejiang Provincial Museum and the other in Taipei, it is possible to witness the beauty and charm of such a masterpiece in the form of Fuchun Resort.

For entertainment Fuchun Resort is equipped with an 18-hole, 72-par golf course and a relaxing spa. Fuchun’s golf course surrounds the entire resort where fairways are steeped in tea fields, a lucid lake and rolling hills. The course is suitable for players at any skill level and coaching and training facilities are also available. Fuchun Spa is home to an impressive indoor swimming pool and two outdoor Jacuzzis as well as holding lessons in tai chi and yoga.

Fuchun Resort boasts three restaurants: Asian Corner, Club 8 and Lake Lounge. Decorated with Asian touches and offering stunning lake views, Asian Corner specialises in Asian cuisine, which also includes Hangzhou cuisine and uses only the freshest of ingredients along with local herbs and spices.  Club 8 is a five minutes’ boat ride from the main hotel and offers both European and Chinese Cuisine in a lakeside setting. Whilst at Lake Lounge one can enjoy a great view of Fuchun Lake, rolling hills and blankets of tea and a number of Asian and Western dishes.

In addition you can stroll along the river bank or take a short hike up to the mountains however it is the latter, covered in a bed of China’s finest tea leaves, which are bound to leave you thirsty for more. 

Add: the Fuyang section of Hangfu Yanjiang Road (杭富沿江公路富阳段)    
Tel: (0571)63461111
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