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Fuyang – The Picture Postcard 2018-10-11
Fuyang, once a county-level city under the administration of Hangzhou, has now been declared a district of Hangzhou. This new district’s renowned beauty is clearly reflected in the limpid Fuchun River (富春江: a section of Qiantang River) which, sandwiched between verdant mountains, curves its way through the district’s marvellous landscape. Its breathtaking scenery has won the admiration of thousands and is perfectly replicated in *Huang Gongwang’s greatest surviving masterpiece ‘Dwelling in the Fuyang Mountains’.

Huang Gongwang(黄公望) was a highly acclaimed Chinese painter in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368).

With Fuchun River, known as the landscape second to none, Longmen Ancient Town (龙门古镇), a historic relic and the largest wild animal park in eastern China only a two-hour drive away from downtown Hangzhou - then you too can discover Fuyang - the picture postcard of Hangzhou’s new district.

Xinsha Island (新沙岛)

Resembling a green leaf floating in a pool of glistening water, Xinsha Island is located in the centre of Fuchun River and covers an area of 4.12 square kilometers. Carpeted with golden sand and shaded by green mulberries, the island oozes in rustic charm and boasts a number of scenes of natural beauty. On the island visitors can ride an ox cart, see silkworm breeding and primitive paper-making as well as pay a visit to a farmer’s home. In addition, lying to the east of the island is one of China’s largest natural fresh-water swimming pools – so if you are brave enough this winter - take a plunge into Fuyang’s most picturesque pool.

Longmen Ancient Town (龙门古镇)

A feudal-era town whose, slow but decaying, architecture falls proudly from the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1912) Dynastys. Interconnected by walkways and crisscrossed by narrow lanes, Longmen Town was the hometown of Sun Quan (孙权), the Emperor of the Three Kingdoms State of Wu (184–280) and a main character in ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’ (三国演义), one of the four great classical novels of Chinese literature. Today 90% of the town’s inhabitants are surnamed Sun and said to be the Emperor’s descendants. Under its aged shell Longmen Town combines the past with the present.

Admission Fee: RMB68

Hangzhou Safari Park (杭州野生动物园)

Hangzhou Safari Park, covering an area of 2.67 sq km, is the largest of its kind in eastern China and unlike traditional zoos, integrates wild animals into a natural landscape. The park enables you to see more than 10,000 animals of 200 different species in a verdant setting, where mountain ranges, trickling streams and an abundance of plants are aplenty.

Divided into two sections, the park has a walking section and a driving section, where you can board a safari-style train and come face to face with a camel or two. If the animals don’t guarantee you a roaring time then the safari’s theme park, full of fun rides and activities, certainly will.

Admission fee: RMB130

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