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12 Luxury Things Only in Hangzhou 2018-10-11
No.1 Climb the Northern Peak (北高峰) and have a panorama view of Hangzhou lakes, mountains and city life. The sunrise on the mountain top is very beautiful.

No.2 Have a pilgrimage to the Lingying Temple and pray for blessing.

No.3 Have a taste of delicious Hangzhou local snacks such as the Cat’s Ear (a kind of wheaten food) and the Xiaolongbao (small steamed bans) in the Dajing Lane (大井巷).

No.4 Learn what is real loyalty in the Yue Fei Temple or visit the historical site of the Xiling Seal Club(西泠印社).

No.5 Choose a best season to watch flower shows in the Hangzhou Botanical Garden or the Guozhuang(郭庄).

No.6 Taste delicious Hangbang dishes (Hangzhou cuisine) or Longjing tea in the West Lake Scenic Area.

No.7 Watch wonderful West Lake musical fountain with your lovers.

No.8 Count how many couples in the Mao’s Home Port(茅家埠) and plan your wedding photography trip here.

No.9 Go fishing and shrimping in Hangzhou Xixi Wetland and watch the swinging wild reeds.

No.10 Have a barbecue in the Nine Creeks in Misty Forest (九溪烟树, one of the West Lake tourist attractions)

No.11 Sit on a bench nearby the Jixian Pavillion (集贤亭), watching beautiful sunset glow and appreciating the charm of the West Lake under setting sun.

No.12 Watch the beautiful city night in the Beishan Road (北山路) before dreaming your sweet night dream.

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