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Four of Hangzhou’s Tastiest Themed Restaurants 2018-11-16
Whilst there are a number of themed restaurants in Hangzhou, this winter, we have selected four lively and heart-warming locations where you can experience a real taste of China. Each one artistically represents Hangzhou’s culture and history but in a modern day setting.

(1)Yunshuiyao Restaurant(云水谣主题餐厅)
Add: No. 17-23 Xiaohe Zhi Street, Gongshu District, Hangzhou
Average price: CNY77 per person
Let Miao ethnic minority dancers and reed-pipers entertain you while you enjoy a wealth of Yunnan’s authentic cuisine. Serving an array of culinary delights and decorated in artistic style, Yunshuiyao is both rich in culture and everlasting taste.

(2)Grandma’s Sports Restaurant(外婆家运动会主题餐厅)
Add: No. 16 Shengli River Food street, Hangzhou
Average price: CNY55 per person
With waiters dressed up like athletes and with table-tennis bats and a number of other sporting related items hanging about, you had better race ahead and get booked into in this fun and ever so sporty restaurant. What’s more, there are a number of healthy dishes that are sure to keep you in good shape.

(3)Tempus Fugit (拾年主题庭院餐厅 )
Add: North Meiling Road, Hangzhou(杭州梅灵北路)
Average price: CNY86 per person
Set in modern day Hangzhou but decorated as though it was in the past, Tempus Fugit, with its signature home-made fish soup, wrought-iron lighting, red brick walls and antique furniture, is an enlightening step back into time.

(4)Fengbo Zhuang(风波庄)
Add:Building No.5, Business Street, Binjiang Higher Education Park, Hangzhou
Average price: CNY39 per person
A restaurant that makes you feel like a hero as you revert back to ancient times and witness waiters dressed in ancient clothes and bamboo walls covered in drawings of swordsmen and their swords.  With each dish originating from a martial arts novel Fengbo Zhuang, will not only strike you as being creative but it is also a restaurant that cuts deep into the city’s history and culture.  

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