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Hangzhou Sets the Stage this Christmas 2018-10-10

For some magic this Christmas then visit one of Hangzhou’s renowned theatres. Two of the city’s best theatres set the festive season alive by bringing you, your friends and families a number of spectacular performances. Be it dramatics, dance or orchestral, show after show each performance is sure to bring the house down this Christmas.


Hangzhou Theater


Located on the west side of Wulin Square, Hangzhou Theatre, since its construction in 1978, has received more than 1,000 artistic troupes both at home and abroad and has staged over 3,000 opera performances attended by more than 5 million spectators. Furnished with high-end equipment it integrates multiple performances such as film show, cultural fair, leisure and entertainment.


Add: No.360, Tiyuchang Road, Hangzhou


Program List:


Opera: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Time: December 24

Tickets: 60RMB, 150RMB, 200RMB, 260RMB, 350RMB, 360RMB, 480RMB

Booking Hotline: 0571-85170121


New Year Symphonic Concert by PSL L’Orchestre Philharmonique

Time: December 28

Tickets: 100RMB, 200RMB, 300RMB, VIP.

Booking hotline: 0571—85177801



Hangzhou Grand Theater


With a shiny titanium roof symbolising a pearl, a double curved glass screen resembling a crescent and with a pool of water as a reflection of the West Lake, this Theatre, can only be described as spectacular - a real landmark of Hangzhou. Aside from being an architectural masterpiece, Hangzhou Grand Theater is also Hangzhou’s premier event venue and one of China’s most modern cultural show places.

Add: No.66, East Zhijiang Road, Hangzhou


Booking Hotline: (0571)86855003, (0571)86855118


Program List:


Ballet: the Nutcracker

Time: December 24.

Tickets: 120RMB, 180 RMB, 280RMB, 480RMB, 680RMB, 880RMB.

2015 New Year Concert in Hangzhou by German Radio Orchestra

Time: December 28

Tickets: 180RMB, 280RMB, 480RMB,680RMB, 880 RMB, 1280 RMB and 1680 RMB








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