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Hunt for Delicacies in Jingzhou Road 2018-11-16

Located in the western region of Hangzhou city, Jing Zhou Road(竞舟路) comes into prosperity in recent years. It is flanked by a variety of restaurants in characteristic styles. Of course, you will come across amount of characteristic delicious food here.

No.1 The Fiery Years Restaurant (火红年代)

Add: No. 4-5, Jingzhou Rd., West Lake District, Hangzhou
Average price: 67 RMB per person 
This restaurant specializes in Hunan cuisine (Xiang dishes) which is famous for its extremely spicy flavor. The delicious Xiangxi Bandits Chicken is the most popular dish.

No.2 Gulanxuan Restaurant (古兰轩饭店)

Add: No. 99, Jingzhou Rd., West Lake District, Hangzhou
Average price: 53RMB per person
Roasted mutton leg is a must-taste dish in this restaurant. It tastes very delicious and gets rid of the smell of mutton.  Besides you can taste the authentic northeast Chinese cuisine in this restaurant. The hot candied dishes are very unique when eaten hot.

No.3 Dongbei Yiguoxiang (东北一锅香)

Add: face to the West Gate of Xiangzhan Apartment in Jingzhou Rd.
Average price: 48RMB per person
The owner of this restaurant is a northeasterner and very forthright. Dishes here are of reasonable prices and large portion. You can enjoy a hearty meal here. The delicious mutton chops roasted in the courtyard are strongly recommended.

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