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Soup for Health Maintenance in Winter 2018-11-16
Chinese medicine believes that health maintenance is closely related to the balance of yin and yang, dredging meridian, qi and blood. For weak and elder people with body dysfunction or weakened immunity, it is better to have dietetic invigoration in cold winter season. The effect of food treatment cannot be replaced by drugs, especially for body nutritional status improvement and immunity enhancement. Here are hot 10 kinds of Chinese soup for health maintenance.

No.1 Lotus Seeds & Lily Soup (莲子百合汤)
Functions: The soup can beautify the skin, nourish lung, restore energy and tastes very delicious.

No.2 Figs & Almond Soup (无花果杏仁汤)
Functions: moisten lung, clear phlegm, relief coughs, beautify the skin, good for the respiratory system.

No.3 Sesame Seed Soup (芝麻益肤汤)
Functions: beautify the skin, moisten intestines, brighten hairs.

No.4 Lily & Quail Soup (百合鹌鹑汤)
Functions: replenish vital essence, nourish blood, relief cough, strengthen lung.

No.5 Dried Mushrooms & Conch Soup (冬菇螺肉汤)
Functions: moisten lung, refresh stomach, good for health.

No.6 Pigtail & Black Bean Soup (猪尾黑豆汤)
Functions: replenish vital essence, stop bleeding, treat metrorrhagia and menorrhagia.

No.7 Bitter Almonds & Partridge Soup(北杏鹧鸪汤)
Functions: benefit mind, strengthen waist and kidney, moisten lung, clear phlegm.

No.8 Ton How Soup with Three Delicacies(塘蒿三鲜汤)
Functions: rich vitamins, good for health, delicious taste.

No.9 Snow fungus & Chicken Soup(雪耳鸡汤)
Functions: moisten stomach, nourish blood, stop bleeding.
No.10 Squab & Snow Fungus Soup(乳鸽银耳汤)
Functions: moisten lung, nourish blood, relax the bowels, lower blood pressure.



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