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Teahouse Gifts Hangzhou Unique Charm 2018-10-23
Recently Hangzhou’s third generation of star-rated teahouses come out: 6 five-star teahouses like Hupanju and Niwochayan, 15 four-star teahouses like Ziyige and Taotaoju garden teahouse, 21 three-star teahouses like Hupao Yinyuantang and Lin’an Runguxuan as well as 1 two-star teahouse, the Guozhuang teahouse. The higher a star-rated teahouse ranks, the better services it provides.

Hangzhou, boasting the capital of tea, has witnessed the thriving teahouse industry in recent years. The city’s tea culture has also been greatly promoted. By now, there are more than 1,000 teahouses in Hangzhou. One can see the formed scale of the tea house industry and its rapid growth.

Hangzhou teahouse becomes not only a beautiful landscape of the city, but also leading the fashion of the national teahouse development. In 2008, supported by the state agencies in Hangzhou, the Quality and Technical Supervision of Hangzhou City became the first to develop Star-Rated Classification and Service Standards of Teahouses which had been issued as Hangzhou local standards and therefore has vigorously promoted the sound development of the city’s teahouse industry.
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Sailing in the Famous Painting2018-10-26
Scenes depicted in the famous Chinese painting “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains” are currently undergoing restoration and construction.
Hangzhou’s Barrier-free Tourism2018-10-26
This year, Hangzhou has initiated around 30 dedicated travel routes and products for those who are physically challenged, the first of which is targeted at one-day tours around Hangzhou city.
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