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Dating in Hangzhou Restaurants 2018-11-16

Here are best Hangzhou restaurants where lovers are the frequent visitors. How about a food travel with your friends or families this weekend?

Yee Chino
Add: No.1 Luyang Road, Hangzhou(杭州绿杨路1号)
Tel: (0571)87070777
Specialties: Bean Curd with Crab Powder, House Special Eggplant, French Goose Liver
Average price: CNY198 per person

7080 Courtyard Restaurant

Add: No.87 Nanshan Road, Hangzhou
Tel: 0571-87770078
Specialties: Sautéed Shrimp, Rice Wine Braised Weever(酒糟鲈鱼)
Average price: CNY76 per person

West Lake Spring(西湖春天)
Add: No. 101-17 Nanshan Road, Hangzhou
Tel: (0571)87085551
Specialties: Cantonese refreshments, Crispy Durian Cake(榴莲酥), Shrimp Dumpling (虾饺皇), Mango Pudding
Average price: CNY96 per person

Yunshuiyao Theme Restaurant(云水谣主题餐厅)
Add: No. 17-23 Xiaohe Zhi Street, Gongshu District, Hangzhou
Tel: (0571)86949407
Specialties: Private Home Fish Head, Fruit Tart
Average price: CNY77 per person

Wang Steak(王品台塑牛排)
Add: 7th floor of Hangzhou Tower C, No. 21 Wulin Square, Hangzhou
Tel: (0571)85270475, (0571)85270476
Specialties: Wang Steak, French Pan-fried Goose Liver Salad, Rose Cupcake, Plum Slush
Average price: CNY342 per person

Four Seasons Garden Restaurant(春夏秋冬花园餐厅)
Add: No. 98 Longjing Road, Hangzhou
Tel: (0571)87985188, (0571)87989188
Specialties: Soft Boiled Chicken(白切鸡),  Sizzling Tofu( 铁板西施豆腐),  Shrimp with Tea Fragrance
Average price: CNY104 per person

West Lake Revolving Restaurant
Add: 20th floor of Friendship Restaurant, No. 53 Pinghai Road, Hangzhou
Tel: (0571)87077888
Specialties: salmon, ice-cream, seafood, steak
Average price: CNY245 per person

28 Hubin Road Restaurant(湖滨28号餐厅)
Add: 1st floor of Kaiyue Hotel, No. 28 Hubin Road, Hangzhou
Tel: 87791234-2828
Specialties: Golden Steamed Pork(金牌扣肉), Dessert Sylloge(甜品总汇), Longjing Shrimp 
Average price: CNY396 per person

Add: 4th floor of Commercial Mansion, No. 149-2 Qingchun Road, Hangzhou
Tel: (0571)87210777
Specialties: Snail with Eggplant,  Curry Shrimps, Bean Curd with Crab Powder
Average price: CNY110 per person

JURA Holiday Hotel(汝拉小镇餐厅)
Add:  No.1-4, Jilongshan 8, Shuang Feng Village, Longjing Road, Hangzhou
Tel: (0571)87979012, 18067968369
Specialties: Grilled Mutton Chops, Li Shizhen Stir-fried Dish(李时珍小炒),  Small Town Thick Soup(小镇浓汤), Homemade Rice Wine
Average price: CNY67 per person

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