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Joint Agreement on the Protection of the Grand Canal Heritage 2018-11-16
35 Grand Canal cities signed the Joint Agreement on the Protection of the Grand Canal Heritage on Sep. 26, 2012, which came into effect from the date of signing. The inscription of Grand Canal into the world heritage sites list had made a step forward. 

According to the agreement, the Grand Canal Heritage includes water conservancy engineering remains of the Sui-Tang Grand Canal, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the Eastern Zhejiang Grand Canal, as well as concomitant historical heritage sites, historical blocks, villages, towns, scenic spots, Grand Canal water conservancy engineering facilities built in modern times and all outstanding valuable cultural representative articles. 

In the future, the management of the Grand Canal heritage will adhere to the principles of unified planning, segment management, authenticity, integrity and continuity. Registered immovable cultural relics belonging to the Grand Canal heritage should be identified by law, then, approved as cultural relics protection units by the people’s governments at the corresponding levels, in accordance with the historical, artistic and scientific value of the heritage.

“Inscription is a process. Protection is the fundamental purpose.” Li Xiaojie, the chief executive officer of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage stressed. The over two-thousand-year-old Grand Canal still keeps its vitality and plays an important role in flood control, navigation, water diversion and tourism.
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