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Where to Spend the 2014 National Day in Hangzhou? 2018-10-11
This year’s National Day falls on Oct.1. With cool and sunny weather and  temperatures ranging from 18-26 degrees Celsius, a visit to Hangzhou and its number of tourist attractions is the perfect way to spend a leisurely seven days.

Hangzhou Safari Park

Go wild this October and visit Hangzhou Safari Park, the largest park of its kind in eastern China. All kinds of performances will be staged during the Holiday and being able to get close to some of the 10,000 different animals residing in this almost wild setting comes a close second to flying to Africa. From 4:00-4:20 pm every day, there will be a parade of animals, clowns and floats along the park’s avenue.

Hangzhou Paradise Park

With a Halloween theme, Hangzhou Paradise Park during this October time is sure to leave you screaming with delight.  Start your thrilling adventure at the “gates of hell” and “Death Knight’ will welcomingly invite you to join his spooky carnival. There are a number of themed activities as well as a spooky show featuring ghosts and other haunting characters.  Come dressed up and join the Halloween parade.

Hangzhou Polar Ocean Park

Dolphins, whales and sea-lions are the star performers of the Polar Park show this autumn. A number of marine animals will take center stage along with a flying, diving and jumping aquatic show performed by a cast of amusing clowns.

Song Dynasty Town

China’s first mythological celebration of the “God’s Day” will be held at Song Dynasty during this holiday.  Experience a world of fantasy and cast your eyes over a number of legendary performances and songs such as the “immortals gathering”, a fabulous dance performed over the Song Dynasty Town, the ”Peach Assembly”, a tale of Gods eating rare peaches and the drama “The Secret of a Grave Robber”. 

Sweet Osmanthus Rain at Manjuelong Village

Sweet-scented Osmanthus will be in full bloom this October holiday and a visit to Manjuelong Village’s festival of color, smell and taste is sure to enlighten all the senses.

Heping Convention and Exhibition Center

From Oct 1-7 “Carnival on the Tongue” will be held in the Hangzhou Heping Convention and Exhibition Center. From 10:00 -22:00 you can feast your way through a number of renowned Chinese foods – a gourmet festival that will leave a memorable taste in your mouth. 
Xishan Forest Park

A cross-country activity based on the theme, “love health, love Xishan”. Held around the West Lake district, the trail of activities amongst the breath-taking scenery includes hiking, walking and rubbish collecting. When you reach the end of the trail you may be awarded with a number of coupons and gifts. There are also a number of fitness activities being held at Waitongwu, which include Tai Chi, hiking and sword performances as well as hand-made pottery and a special tour of Waitongwei. 

Wetland Museum

On Oct.5 Wetland Museum will hold a 24 solar terms thematic interaction. You can experience at first hand many Chinese folk customs, such as paper cutting, embroidering, grabbing wheat, offering lanterns and making bookmarks out of leaves; whilst tasting a number of folk snacks which include Chunbing(春饼), black rice(乌米饭), Rufu noodles(入伏面), wine and persimmon cakes.

Rotten Apple Paradise Park

Transformed into a world of sweet magic, the Rotten Apple Paradise Park will form the center stage for a grand party for all the family. A number of fruity shows will be performed including the drama “Crazy Fruit” and the song “Little Apple”. Children and adults alike can feast their eyes and ears on a number of tasteful activities.

Jiang Yang Fan Park(江洋畈公园)

At the 2014 Jiang Yang Fan flowers festival cast your eyes over 32,000 sq m of flowers and witness a colorful explosion of autumnal leaves and a 3,000 sq m forest abundant in pinewood.

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