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Preview of the China Hangzhou Cultural & Creative Industry Expo 2014 2018-11-16
China Hangzhou Cultural & Creative Industry Expo will be held in the Baima Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center on Oct. 16, 2014. This year the overall venue area will reach 60,000 square meters including six major exhibition sections. By then, more than 2,000 cultural creative businesses from home and abroad will join the Expo.

The China Hangzhou Cultural & Creative Industry Expo 2014 will be themed with “Mixture of arts, crafts, design and life” and combined with a series of exhibition activities, such as the cross- strait culture and creative works exhibition, the Sixth China (Zhejiang) Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo, “Best Design” of China Academy of Art Exhibition, China (Hangzhou) International Art Derivatives Industry Expo 2014, Hangzhou International Design Festival, bedroom printmaking exhibition, the 2nd Cross-Strait Cultural & Creative Industry Exchange Meeting, cross-strait  universities forum and so on. This year's Expo will focus on the exhibition of the latest culture and creative products from home and abroad.

What are the highlights of the
China Hangzhou Cultural & Creative Industry Expo 2014?

1.This year's Expo will combine offline exhibitions with online display and sale on Wen Yi website(文易网), which will become a long term E-commerce platform  for Hangzhou culture and creative business.

2.The Hangzhou International Design Festival 2014 will be held in “International Design Pavilion”. Top designs and works from over 20 countries including America, Germany, UK, Canada, Denmark and South Korea will be displayed.

3.The Cross-Strait Cultural & Creative Industry Exchange Meeting 2014 will be held on Oct.16, along with the opening ceremony of Hangzhou Cultural & Creative Industry Expo.  Celebrities from all kinds of cultural and creative organizations, businesses and academies in Chinese mainland and Taiwan with attend the meeting, especially to strengthen the cross- strait cultural exchange and cooperation.

4.This 2014 Expo  will focus on the integration of arts, crafts, design and life. The International Design Pavilion, Re-design Newborn Pavilion, “IN” Hangzhou Design Brand Pavilion and Creative Design Life Pavilion will be staged.

5.This year's
Hangzhou creative life festival activities will include “China (Hangzhou) Creative Fashion Exhibition 2014”, “Hangzhou Cultural and Creative Experience” and other interactive experience activities to attract especially the university students and youth group.
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