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Museum on Qiantang River Seawall Heritage Site Unveiled Within Two Years 2018-10-11
According to the Hangzhou Municipal Gardens Bureau of Cultural Relics, a new museum will be built along the Qiantang River ancient seawall heritage site, dating back to the Ming-Qing dynasties; The museum is due to open to the public in December 2016.

This heritage site was discovered during the pre-construction of Jiubao Recreation and Sports Centre in 2012. At present, the seawall is 306 kilometers long, over half of which is made of stone and the rest of soil. It enjoys the reputation of being “the most famous ancient construction in engineering” along with the Great Wall and the Grand Canal. The ancient seawall is not only the result of the resistance of the ancient Qiantang people against the world-known Qiantang River floods, but it is also a symbol of ancient Chinese wisdom.

In 2006 and 2007, archaeological excavations had been made and although the ancient seawall has since been listed under the Hangzhou cultural relic protection unit, it still continues to emerge. Many parts of the ancient seawall heritage site can still be unearthed but will disappear if not well preserved. Since the 1980s, many stone animals and writing tablets have been buried and damaged and the only two surviving stone animal heads may disappear if urgent protection measures are not taken.

More than 40m long, Qiantang River seawall has several times been partly damaged due to the city’s ever developing construction. Protecting the seawall heritage site is vital and therefore a landmark like this new museum can be the sort of protection this site needs.

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