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The 1st Jingshan Cool Grape Festival 2018-10-11
August is the season for the harvest of grapes in Shan’guowan Eco and Leisure Farm (山果湾生态休闲农庄) in Jingshan Town (径山镇) and the time for the 1st Jingshan Cool Grape Festival. Jingshan Cool Grape Festival is a creative combination of the juicy grapes in Jingshan Town and Shuangxi Drifting. Available from early August to September, the festival offers visitors an opportunity to enjoy the cool and sweetness of Hangzhou in summer.

Shuangxi Drifting Scenic Area

It is a National AAAA Scenic Area and gains its fame from its bamboo rafting, which is reputed as the “No. 1 Drifting of Jiangnan Area (lands to the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River)”. The Water Carnival organized by Shuangxi Drifting Scenic Area annually is an indispensable activity of Hangzhou West Lake International Expo.

Shan’guowan Eco and Leisure Farm

The farm is a theme farm focusing on two elements: fresh fruits and creative tourism. Shan’guowan Eco and Leisure Farm is as large as 530 mu (1 mu = 666.7 sqm) and the number of grape species in the farm is up to 20. In the meantime, the farm owns an 800-square-meter “leisure bar” where visitors can pick grapes, taste grapes and enjoy leisure life under the vines. Since the establishment of the farm, the grape festival has been held in a consecutive six years, with floods of people attracted to the event by its grapes. In addition, the enchanting scenery is one of the biggest draws of the farm.

During the festival, visitors can enjoy a 15 percent discount of its normal admission fee, plus 500 gram of grapes and a cup of tea. Visitors can also camp in the farm at night to make intimate contact with nature and breathe fresh air.
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