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Folk Shows in Chun'an County, Hangzhou 2018-10-11
Situated in western Zhejiang Province, Chun'an County is about two hours’ drive from downtown Hangzhou. Chun’an County is surrounded by mountains on four sides and noted for its Thousand-Islet Lake (千岛湖), one of the major national scenic areas. In addition, Chun’an is also popular for its colorful folk cultures. The intangible cultural heritages in Chun’an authorized by Hangzhou City is as many as 31, of various art forms such as dance, instruments, acrobatics, opera etc.

Lion Dance (舞狮)
Lion Dance is a prestigious traditional art form in China and its forms vary from region to region. Chun’an County alone has many forms, among which, the most unique one is Songcun Lashi (宋村拉狮). The age-old folk show dates back to the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing Dynasties (1616-1911). Different from traditional lion dance, the lions in Songcun Lashi are controlled by strings just like that in puppet show. Songcun Lashi involves three lions, one big and two small.

Dragon Dance (舞龙)
There are many types of Dragon Dance in China like Fire Dragon Dance, Bench Dragon Dance and Double Dragon Dance etc. In Chun'an, the most famous dragon dance is Straw Dragon Dance (草龙). As the name suggests, the straw dragon is woven with straws. Only the experienced artists in the village are skilled enough to make the dragon. The dragon itself is a piece of art, let alone the splendid performance.

Yaoshan Swing (瑶山秋千)
Yaoshan Swing combines acrobatics, dancing and singing. Although it is called "swing", it's different from traditional swing with a plank hanged by two ropes. Yaoshan Swing consists of two wooden crosses set on a base which can rotate. During the performance, four performers are sitting on the four corners of the two crosses performing acrobatics, dancing and singing when the swings are rotating. Quite exciting!

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