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Three Recommended Routes to Cruise the Grand Canal 2018-10-30
On June 22, 2014, the application of the Grand Canal being a world heritage site was approved. The big event makes Hangzhou, the end point of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, an even hotter travel destination to tourists both home and abroad. Thousands of tourists come to Hangzhou specially for the Grand Canal. In order to improve the experience, in this article, three routes are recommended to cruise the Grand Canal of Hangzhou Section.

Route One

There are two options for route one:
One-way trip in the daytime:
Wharf of Xiangji Temple (香积寺码头) → Wharf of Local Products in West of Gongchen Bridge (拱宸桥西土特产码头);

Gongchen Bridge

The daytime route enables tourists to visit "No.1 Temple along the Grand Canal" — Xiangji Temple, "Landmark of the southmost Grand Canal" — Gongchen Bridge, Qiaoxi Historic Block (桥西历史街区) of strong local flavor, and China Art & Craft Gallery (中国工艺美术馆) to enjoy the exquisite intangible cultural heritages.

Time: 30 minutes
Fare: CNY 60

Round-trip at night:
Wharf of Wulinmen (武林门码头) → Gongchen Bridge (拱宸桥)

The night route is available from June to October every day and the first ship departs at 7:30 pm. On the ship, tourists can appreciate the marvelous night view of the Grand Canal "City•People•Light" designed by world-class light artist — Roger Narboni.

Night View of the Grand Canal

Time: 1 hour
Fare: CNY 100

Route Two

Wharf of Wulinmen → Tangqi Ancient Town  (塘栖古镇) → Wharf of Wulinmen

Board the canal ship at 8:40am at Wharf of Wulinmen, and then you begin your trip to enjoy the picturesque scenery along the Grand Canal. After about two hours, you will find yourself on the land of Tangqi Ancient Town. There, tourists can view Guangji Bridge (广济桥), Shuibei Street (水北街), Santiaoban Lane (三条半弄), experience the folk custom of Tangqi Ancient Town and sample local snacks. At 2pm, you will be on your return trip.

Tangqi Ancient Town

Time: roughly a day
Fare: CNY 150

Route Three:

This route involves many attractions and activities.
Here is the schedule

 Time  Place  Activities Available
10:00-10:30 Laokaixin Teahouse (老开心茶馆) enjoy the folk opera
Five minutes’ walk from Laokaixin Teahouse Arts and Crafts Exhibition Hall (手工艺活态展示馆) learn a traditional skill from an experienced handicraftsman
11 or 13 o'clock Wharf of Qiaoxi Museum(桥西博物馆码头) enjoy the scenery along the Grand Canal on a ship and listen to the introduction of the canal by a guide
Getting off the canal ship in Dadou Food Street Dadou Food Street (大兜路美食街) 1. sample Hangzhou delicacies and appreciate the over-one-thousand-year Longquan Celadon Porcelain
2. enjoy performances of tea ceremony from 13:30 to 14:00
3. pray in Xiangji Temple
Walking southwards for ten minutes from Dadou Road Fuyicang Historic Site (富义仓遗址) experience Gucang Culture (谷仓文化)
16:00 take a ship in wharf of Xiangji Temple and return to Qiaoxi Historic Block  
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