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A Taste of Something Local (Ⅱ) 2020-04-05
Noodles Cooked with Quick-fried Eel Shreds and Shelled Shrimps (虾爆鳝面)

When referring to Hangzhou’s renowned noodles, the town can certainly name a few, but by far the most unique are the Noodles Cooked with Quick-fried Eel Shreds and Shelled Shrimps. This type of noodle is the signature dish of Hangzhou century-old Noodle Restaurant — Kui Yuan Restaurant (奎元馆) and there is a popular saying in Hangzhou: Without tasting the noodles in Kui Yuan Restaurant your trip to Hangzhou is not complete.

Besides Kui Yuan Restaurant, other renowned Hangzhou old brand noodle restaurants like Huijuan Noodle Restaurant (慧娟面馆) and Zhong’er Noodle Restaurant (忠儿面馆) are also popular places in which to taste these noteworthy noodles.

Cat’s Ear (猫耳朵)

To those new to Hangzhou, Cat's Ear is not a cat’s ear but a kind of noodle shaped like a cat’s ear and a bowl of Cat's Ear contains many ingredients such as shrimp, ham, chicken, mushroom and dried scallops. The best place to taste Cat's Ear is in Zhi Wei Guan Restaurant (知味观).

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