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Old-brand Shops in Hangzhou Proper Ⅱ 2018-10-11
Hu Qing Yu Tang Pharmacy 胡庆余堂

Reputed as "King of Jiangnan Pharmacies", Hu Qing Yu Tang Pharmacy is a TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) pharmacy. It was established by the "Hongding merchant" (红顶商人:refers to a merchant who also served as a government official which was rare in Chinese history) — Hu Xueyan (胡雪岩) in 1874 during the Qing Dynasty. The pharmacy is located in Hangzhou historical and cultural block — Qinghefang Street (清河坊). The construction of the pharmacy is the best-preserved late Qing Dynasty complex for industry and commerce in China. The pharmacy resembles a carne (In Chinese culture, the crane symbolizes "longevity") nestling at the foot of Wu Hill (吴山).

In Hu Qing Yu Tang, health–care service, all kinds of traditional Chinese medicine and medicated food are provided. For over a hundred years, the pharmacy strictly follows its business philosophy “No Cheating” and “Genuine Medicine and One Price Only”. In Hu Qing Yu Tang, there is no need to worry about being cheated. Also, the pharmacy houses a museum, China’s first national traditional medicine museum. In the museum, one can get to know the history of TCM, the varieties of TCM, the procedures to make different kinds of TCM etc.

Address: No.227, Hefang Street

Fang Hui Chun Tang 方回春堂

With a history even longer than Hu Qing Yu Tang (over 300 years), Fang Hui Chun Tang is one of the oldest TCM pharmacies in China. Different from Hu Qing Yu Tang, the pharmacy was developed from a small clinic founded by an accomplished pediatrician born to a family with many generations being doctors.

The present pharmacy consists of three sections: Hall of TCM, Hall of TCM Doctors, Hall of Ginseng. In the Hall of TCM Doctors gather over 70 famous veteran doctors of TCM. In addition, the annual “Herbal Paste Festival” and “Ginseng Festival” held in winter by Fang Hui Chun Tang have enjoyed high prestige in China.

Address: No.117, Hefang Street
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