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Hangzhou Grand Canal — 5 Must-Sees 2018-10-30
Hangzhou, apart from its gorgeous landscape of West Lake, boasts also the over-one-thousand-year Grand Canal (Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal). The Grand Canal is the oldest and longest canal in the world. In ancient times, this age-old Grand Canal played an essential role in the economic and cultural communication between Northern China and Southern China. It is the Grand Canal that made Hangzhou world-famous. This glorious history left a large number of historic relics along the canal. Today, the Grand Canal is still serving its role as the link. Ships loaded with goods passing by perfectly combine the past with the present.

Water bus
From Wulinmen Wharf (武林门码头) to Gongchenqiao Wharf (拱宸桥码头)
Fare: CNY 3

Gongchen Bridge (拱宸桥)
There are many ancient bridges along the Grand Canal, while Gongchen Bridge is the highest and longest one. Standing firmly over the Grand Canal for over three hundred years, this stone three-arch bridge is still in use and remains as charming as before.

China Grand Canal Museum (中国运河博物馆)
Bordering on the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in the west, China Grand Canal Museum covers a total area of 42,910 square meters. In this museum, one can know the past and the present Grand Canal well, and gets a nice view of the Grand Canal, the bridges, boats and wharfs.

Jiangshu Railway Park (江墅铁路公园)
Jiangshu Railway is the first railway in Zhejiang Province. The park is built on the original site of the terminus of Jiangshu Railway — Gongchenqiao Station (拱宸桥站). The Park is available from Wednesday to Sunday.

China Umbrella Museum (伞博物馆)
China Umbrella Museum is the only umbrella museum in the world. In China, especially in Jiangnan area, the umbrella is far more than a tool, but a carrier of culture. The museum all-inclusively shows the culture, history of umbrellas and folklores related with umbrellas. Visitors can also participate in making umbrellas.

China Knife, Scissors and Sword Museum (刀剪剑博物馆)
China Knife, Scissors and Sword Museum displays the unique culture of knife, scissors and sword in a special way.

China Fan Museum (扇博物馆)
In China Fan Museum is offered a variety of rare and treasured collections of fans.

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