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Cool Summer Escapes to Beat the Heat (Ⅱ) 2018-11-16

Dreaming of Tiger Spring at Hupao Valley 虎跑梦泉

Hidden within Hupao Valley is the ‘Third Best Spring in China’- Tiger Spring. Fed by underground streams, the water is clear and pure the year round. The spring water is extremely popular in use for brewing the local specialty of Hangzhou- Longjing green tea; it has been said that brewing Longjing in Tiger Spring water brings out the best in each. Additionally, Hupao Valley is also a picturesque area full of historical and cultural relics. Sipping a cup of Longjing brewed in the spring water peacefully at a pretty spot in the valley is indeed a desirable way to spend a summer day.



Nine Creeks Meandering Through a Misty Forest 九溪烟树

Around the mountains surrounding West Lake, nine creeks snaking along numerous gullies form one rivulet that passes through a misty forest and ultimately joins the Qiangtang River (钱塘江). Together the brooks are referred to as the ‘Nine Creeks Meandering through a Misty Forest’. Also known as ‘Nine Creeks and Eighteen Gullies’, the scenic area features a stretch of rough cobblestone path lined by mountains, verdant tea plantations on either side of the road, gurgling creeks and chirping birds. With the stream cutting across the cobblestone path multiple times, taking one’s shoes off to enjoy the fun of walking barefoot across cool stone brings great pleasure.




Cool Summer Escapes to Beat the Heat Ⅰ

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