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Must-do Things in Hangzhou 2018-10-11

Up above there is heaven and down below there are Suzhou and Hangzhou. The beauty of Hangzhou lies not only in its natural landscape but also in its history and culture.


Impression West Lake (印象西湖)
Directed by Zhang Yimou, the chief director of the opening ceremony of 2008 Olympic Games, Impression West Lake is a large-scale live action performance. The performance narrates the history and culture of Hangzhou in the form of dancing and singing. What’s more impressive about the show is that it takes place on the water of West Lake with mountains around West Lake as its background!



Yanggong Causeway (杨公堤) and Maojiabu (茅家埠)
Unlike other parts of West Lake which are bustling with locals and tourists, Yanggong Causeway and Maojiabu are peaceful and are great spots in which to appreciate the lake’s most idyllic scenery.



Guo’s Villa (郭庄)
Otherwise known as Fenyang Villa (汾阳别墅), Guo’s Villa is the best-preserved Qing Dynasty (1644–1912) villa around West Lake. In addition, Guo’s villa offers the perfect lake view of West Lake.



Pagoda of Six Harmonies (六和塔)
Standing on Moon Disc Hill (月轮山) overlooking the Qiantang River is the Pagoda of Six Harmonies which is often described as a majestic general guarding the Qiantang River. It is one of the most prominent wood-and-brick structures of ancient China and one of the landmarks of Hangzhou and at the very top you can see and hear clearly every rise and fall of the tidal waves of the famous Qiangtang River.



Leifeng Pagoda (雷峰塔)
Leifeng Pagoda is famous for the beautiful story of the Legend of the White Snake, Leifeng Pagoda which is elegantly depicted inside. The best time to visit the pagoda is after 4:30 pm, before its closure, when you can truly enjoy the West Lake’s stunning sunset views and see numerous lights illuminating its lucid waters. What’s more, during this period, there are no jostling crowds so you can leisurely enjoy this pagoda and its most stunning vista.



Prince Bay Park (太子湾公园)
From late March to middle April, you can visit Prince Bay Park twice, one for daffodils and cherry blossoms, the other for tulips. For its wide popularity, the best time to go there is in the morning. Please avoid going there at the weekend, or what you’ll see is people everywhere instead of flowers.




Sweet Osmanthus Rain at Manjuelong Village (满陇桂雨)
In September when sweet osmanthus is in full blossom, the petals of sweet osmanthus fall down in breeze on visitors’ shoulders just like rain.


Hupao (虎跑)
The best time to visit Hupao is around December when you can view the colorful forest in late autumn and pavilions hidden among them.


Nanshan Road (南山路)
Nanshan Road, home to various theme bars, restaurants and cafes, is the best place to experience Hangzhou’s nightlife whereas during the daytime you can visit The China Academy of Art and Xiangshan Hill (象山).


Eight Temples in Hangzhou
The Eight Temples in Hangzhou are orthodox temples where you can peacefully immerse yourself in the profound Buddhist Culture and leisurely appreciate their marvelous construction without any interruption.


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