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80 Paintings of Zhoushan Islands are on display at Hangzhou Fan Museum 2018-10-18

The Exhibition of Paintings of Zhoushan Islands is held at Hangzhou Fan Museum through May 3. In the exhibition, 80 paintings from four subordinate counties of the Zhoushan Islands —Dinghai (定海), Putuo (普陀), Daishan (岱山) and Shengsi (嵊泗) — “Hometown of Modern Folk Paintings” are on display.


Zhoushan Islands is the largest archipelago comprising 1,390 islands and renowned as “Fishing Capital of China”. All the paintings were created by fishermen on Zhoushan Islands based on the daily life of fishermen and folk customs of Zhoushan Islands. They used the bold painting styles, bright colors, exaggerated shapes and their sincerity creating those excellent paintings with rich imagination.


"Harvest Season" by Wu Xiaofei


"Ocean in Harmony" by Yu Shixiang


Where to go:
Hangzhou Fan Museum 中国扇博物馆
Address: No.450, Xiaohe Road, Hangzhou (杭州市小河路450号)
Phone: 86-571-88197518

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