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Wonderful Places in Hangzhou for a Wellness Tour 2018-11-16
Lin'an, a county-level city in Hangzhou, is located in northwestern Zhejiang Province and is well-known for its wonderful natural environment. The forest in Lin’an covers up to 77% of its land area and is the habitat of a number of species of wild animals and rare plants. At any time of year Lin’an is a naturist’s paradise allowing you to breathe in the fresh air while balancing both your mind and body.

Recommendation One: Tianmu Mountain (天目山)

Renowned as the “Legendary Mountain of Jiangnan Area” and “The Kingdom of Ancient Trees”, Tianmu Mountain is a world-level biosphere protection area and national AAAA-level Scenic Area in China. The density of negative oxygen ions also referred to as ‘vitamins in the air’ are second to none in Tianmu Mountain and are also known to benefit both physical and mental health.

Taking time to stroll along ancient paths, breathe the freshest of fresh air and enjoy a forest bath in Tianmu Mountain is definitely a naturist’s paradise

Recommendation Two: Baishui Gully (白水涧)
Lin’an is the Home of Bamboo Shoots and with bamboo here, there and everywhere, Baishui Gully Scenic Area and the annual Spring Bamboo Shoots Festival is the perfect place and time for tourists to chew over Bamboo, its health benefits and any number of its most famous dishes.

Ranking among the five most popular healthcare foods in the world Bamboo shoots are not only delicious but are also rich in essential amino acids, protein and fibre. They also have a number of medical benefits ranging from cancer prevention to weight loss.

Recommendation Three: Taihu Lake Source (太湖源)
Taihu Lake Source is an ecological scenic area in Lin’an and is covered with dense vegetation where wild monkeys roam around. If you want to monkey around nature’s most idyllic settings then Taihu Lake is your best source.

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