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The 12th Wild Monkey Festival at Taihu Lake Source 2018-10-23

Taihu Lake Source Scenic Area is located in Taihu Lake Source Town, Lin’an City. For its excellent natural environment, it has become the first ecological scenic area in China and the habitat of wild monkeys. There, people live in harmony with wild monkeys.



In order to bring people closer to nature, Taihu Lake Source Scenic Area holds Wild Monkey Festival annually. This spring, the 12th Wild Monkey Festival at Taihu Lake Source is to be held from February 18 to March 31. The theme of the festival is “Wild Monkeys at Taihu Lake Source Celebrating the Spring”, and colorful activities are arranged for tourists. On March 1, Taihu Lake Source Scenic Area will distribute beautifully packaged traditional pastries to tourists for free. In the meantime, tourists can enjoy the funny side of wild monkeys through watching them playing on swings, a seesaw or walking on single-log bridge etc. On March 8, the scenic area will hold an offbeat wedding ceremony for the Monkey King. Tourists can make intimate contact with wild monkeys and take photos with them.

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