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Night Cruise Along the Grand Canal on Lantern Festival 2019-03-20

The Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese festival falling on the fifteen day of the first lunar month (14th February, 2014). The festival marks the end of Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration. At the night of the Lantern Festival, various exquisite lanterns of different shapes will be exhibited to celebrate the festival. In addition, solving riddles on the lanterns and eating Yuanxiao (a glutinous rice ball with filling) are other two indispensable activities.


From 13th February to 15th February, Hangzhou Water Bus Company plans to launch two night cruise routes along Hangzhou Section of the Grand Canal. This Lantern Festival, you can sail along the over-two-thousand-year-old Grand Canal decorated with red lanterns in antique boat. With the beautiful reflections of red lanterns in the water, the night cruise offers a unique experience on the Lantern Festival. After getting off from Wulinmen Wharf or Gongchenqiao East Wharf, you can go directly to the Canal Plaza and West Lake Cultural Plaza to enjoy Lantern Exhibition, solve lantern riddles and taste Yuanxiao.



Route One: Wulinmen Wharf Gongchenqiao East Wharf /  Gongchenqiao East Wharf Wulinmen Wharf
Duration: half an hour
Time: 6:45pm-9pm every fifteen minutes


Route Two: Wulinmen Wharf Gongchenqiao East Wharf Wulinmen wharf
Duration: one hour
Time: 7:30pm-8:30pm

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