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Hangzhou Must-visit Block: Twenty-three Old-fashioned Lanes Along the Southern Song Imperial Street 2018-10-30


The block, Twenty-three Old-fashioned Lanes Along the Southern Song Imperial Street, is one of the few places abundant with old urban Hangzhounese lifestyle. The block is located at the west side of South Zhongshan Road. With Imperial Ancestral Temple the center, the block covers an area of 40,000 kilometers. Most of the streets in the block were named in the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) when Hangzhou was the capital. The history endowed them with profound historical and cultural importance. Residences in the block were mostly built during the Qing Dynasty (16464-1912), the republic of China (1912-1949) or early period of PRC (1949-present). In addition, in the block, still well-preserved many historical relics, such as the Imperial Path to the Hill of Emperor Qianlong and Shigong Temple.


Let’s take a look at these lanes and Hangzhounese living there.


Walking a dog                                                                                                       Playing Mahjong in Streetlight


Washing clothes and vegetables by the old well


A holiday afternoon


Lifting water from wells


Practicing Martial Art


Fluffing Cotton


A morning in Twenty-three Lanes

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