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Hangzhou Partners with the New York Times to Launch the "My Chinese Love Story" Campaign 2018-10-11



With the approach of Valentine's Day, Hangzhou launched the "My Chinese Love Story" campaign on its Facebook page, in a move to encourage people to not be timid in their expression of love. It will add something special to Valentine's Day by using postcards to create connections between lovers and between strangers. The luckiest will have the chance to publish his or her declaration of love on a full page of The New York Times on February 14 .


The West Lake in Hangzhou, the most romantic locale in China , is where Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, often regarded as China's Romeo and Juliet, fell in love, and where the White Snake, a snake spirit in Chinese mythology, occasioned upon her human husband Xu Xian. The "My Chinese Love Story" campaign launched by Hangzhou on Facebook encourages participants to create an e-card with a "Dreamlike West Lake" theme, including a declaration of love, and to send it to the one they do love, or they can choose to have it placed in a special letter-box for random drawing by a stranger. At the same time, real postcards will be mailed out from Hangzhou, using stamps with a Hangzhou theme and bearing a Hangzhou postmark. The stamp and postmark will vastly add to the commemorative value of the postcards. Who is to say that you might not find your true love and lifelong mate after he or she receives both the virtual and real world cards? Let's write a story of love and romance in an internet age that knows no geographical boundaries.


Whose story will be the one to appear in The New York Times on February 14? What will be their love story? The love story made possible by the "Dreamlike West Lake" will have a chance to resonate with and to be blessed by people from all over the world!


For activities during Modern Marco Polo, visit http://www.facebook.com/Hangzhou.China/app_154334658052623


Source: finance.yahoo.com

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