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Autumn in Lin’an, Hangzhou 2018-11-16
Lin'an is located in the northwest of Zhejiang province and is a county-level city in Hangzhou that features sky-high mountains, deep valleys and a number of species of wild animals and rare plants. Compared to verdant spring, golden summer and white winter Lin’an, in autumn, has yellow, red and brown hues dominating the scene. For a clearer picture of Lin’an this season then take a look at the following:

Zhexi Da Long Bay (浙西大龙湾)
Zhexi Da Long Bay consists of five scenic areas and twenty-eight scenic spots and predominantly boasts of hilly mountains, dense forests, glossy bamboo and eye-catching waterfalls. It is also the place for the largest gathering of maple trees which, during autumn time, dwarf the landscape with a red fire-like glow. Walking into Zhexi Da Long Bay is like stepping into a wonderland full of splendid views and seasonal surprises.

Tianmu Mountains (天目山)
Out of the mountains it is West Tianmu Mountain and East Tianmu Mountain that are the most renowned. Each mountain has a pool at its peak which some say resembles two eyes watching the heavens, hence its name ‘Tianmu’ (literal meaning the eyes of the heaven). Tianmu Mountains are home to a large number of ancient plants and animals, including maple and ginko trees which are at their peak in autumn. 

Qingshan Lake National Forest Park (青山湖国家森林公园)
Qingshan Lake National Forest Park covers an area of 64.5 square kilometers which includes scenic spots like Qingshan Lake (青山湖), Linglong Mountain (玲珑山) and King Qian's Mausoleum (钱王陵). Surrounded by mountains on four sides and with Qingshan Lake in the center, the park’s luscious landscape contributes a lot to its abundance in wild animals and plants resources. In the park you can see snow-white swans and storks as well as wild ginko trees – ‘the living fossil’.

Daming Mountain (大明山)
The altitude difference of Daming Mountain is over one thousand meters. Its unique landscape, sky-high mountains and deep valleys, helps to form the incredible view: white mist and clouds drifting around green mountains, which is especially marvelous in autumn.

Zhi'nan Village in Taihuyuan Town (太湖源镇指南村)

Located at an altitude of 800 meters, the autumnal view of Zhi'nan Village is the most typical one in Lin'an. In the south of the village ginko trees can be seen dotted along the banks of the crystal-clear colored waters and it is in late autumn that these yellow trees reflect an everlasting glow. In addition, behind the village, there are also a large number of ancient maple trees and ginko trees.

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