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Hiking in Mountains Around West Lake (Ⅱ) 2018-11-16
Route 6
Longjing (龙井) — Qipan Mountain (棋盘山) — Tianma Mountain (天马山)— Jiqing Mountain (吉庆山) — China Tea Museum (茶叶博物馆)

Time: 2.5 Hours
Traffic: 27 and Y3
Bus Stop: Longjing (龙井)
Introduction: The path in Longjing Scenic Area is long but smooth. Rustic and serene, it’s a good place to slow down your pace and have a heart-to-heart conversation. The 275-meter-high Tianma Mountain is the highest along the route where you can take a break and enjoy the view under your feet. The downhill path is a stretch of newly-constructed stone steps, and you can take your time.

Route 7
Linhai Pavilion- Nine Creeks (九溪林海亭)— Xiaokang Wu (小康坞) — Guiren Tower - Hupao Houshan (虎跑后山贵人阁) —  Baihe Peak (白鹤峰)— Yangmei Ridge (杨梅岭)— Wengjia Mountain (翁家山)— Longjing (龙井)

Time: 3 hours
Traffic: K4, k808, k280, J5, K504, K519, 308, 514, 658 and Y5
Bus Stop: Nine Creeks (九溪)
Introduction: The route is the favorite of those who love mountains and water. Sitting in Guiren Tower, you can readily understand the charm of West Lake and the majesty of Qiantang River. You can even have a cup of authentic Longjing Tea in Longjing Village.

Route 8
Hangzhou Zoo (杭州动物园)— Deyi Pavilion (得意亭)— Zilai Cave (紫来洞)— Old Jade Emperor Palace (老玉皇宫)— the foot of Jade Emperor Mountain (玉皇山脚)

Time: 3 hours
Traffic: k4, k808, J5, K504, Y5 and J9
Bus Stop: Hangzhou Zoo
Introduction: It’s a combination of picturesque scenery and historical and cultural heritage. Getting off at Hangzhou Zoo Bus Stop and walking along Jiuyaoshan Channel (九耀山隧道) for about 100 meters, you will get to Deyi Pavilion. After a stretch of stone steps, you will see Seven-star Urn, as the name suggests, this scenic spot has seven urns arrange in the way of the Bigger Dipper. At the top is Old Jade Emperor Palace, which is believed to be where Jade Emperor (the ruler of Heaven, realms of Man and Hell in Chinese folk culture) used to live.

Rout 9
Yuquan Campus of Zhejiang University (浙大玉泉校区)— Laohe Mountain (老和山)— Jiangjun Mountain (将军山)— Lingfeng Peak (灵峰山)—Zhuangyuan Peak (状元峰)— Northern Peak (北高峰)— Beauty’s Peak (美人峰)— Longmen Mountain (龙门山) — Langdang Ridge (郎当岭)— Five Cloud Mountain (五云山)— Linhai Pavilion-Nine Creeks (九溪林海亭)— Dahua Mountain (大华山)— the entrance of Hupao (虎跑正门) — Jade Emperor Mountain (玉皇山)— Phoenix Mountain (凤凰山)— Wansong Ridge (万松岭)— Wushan Hill (城隍山)— Wushan Square (吴山广场)


Time: 8 hours
Traffic: K16, k21 and k28
Bus Stop: Zhejiang University (浙江大学)
Introduction: This legendary route is 25 kilometers long, and includes all the mountains surrounding West Lake. Quite a challenge! It requires a whole lot of energy and courage. Think twice before you choose this route.
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