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Hangzhou Ranks First in the 16 Best Bicycle-sharing Cities in the World 2018-11-16

According to a recent report from USA Today, Hangzhou’s public bicycle system was honored to be the best in 16 of the world's standout bicycle-sharing programs. Among the list, Paris ranks second and Wuhan third. The list was issued by The Active Times — an American professional outdoor activity website widely popular with travelers and adventurers.

The rankings takes six factors into account. The most important one is the program's size measured against the city's population. Another significant factor is its availability, that is, whether or not are people able to rent a public bicycle when they want, and how well the system connects with the life of the city. Four other categories: affordability, popularity, functionality/convenience, and the city's bicycle friendliness have also been considered.

Launched on May, 2008, Hangzhou Public Bicycle System was one of the first batch developed in China. It excels others mainly in five aspects. By size, it’s second both in China and in the world. At present, there are 2,965 stations with 69,750 bicycles in Hangzhou and it's projected to have 175,000 bicycles by 2020. As for the popularity, Hangzhou public bicycles are used for about 250,000 times per day. And Hangzhou public bicycles are available to both residents and tourists with reasonable price: $32.61 deposit + time charge. The first hour is for free and an equivalent of only $0.15 is charged for each additional hour. In addition, equipped with bicycle-only lanes and sheds in the crossings, Hangzhou is friendly to bicycle riders.
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