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The Sunflower - Flower of the Sun 2018-11-16

In 2009, with the game “Plants vs. Zombies” gaining wide popularity, people’s enthusiasm towards the sunflower was higher than ever. Its swaying golden flower head has captured numerous people’s heart.

Since ancient times, for its flower head always tracking the sun in the sky, the sunflower has been perceived as the spokesman of relentless pursuit in many cultures. It has been taken as the national flower by many countries like Ukraine, Russia, and Peru. In China, it was chosen to be the flower to praise teachers’ constant efforts. Above all, it has been the subject of the most famous work of Van Gogh “Sunflowers”.

The sunflower’s unparalleled beauty and its bright color make it the favorite of many newly-weds. In the field of the sunflower, you can see many couples shooting their wedding photos either in their red traditional wedding dresses or in their white western wedding dresses. Either way, it’s pleasant to the eye. The sunflower commonly blooms during summer and a portion of fall, and lasts for two to three weeks. If you want to see this marvelous flower, you’d better hurry.

Where to go:
Nanjiang Park (南江公园)
Address: Daoyuan Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou (杭州市萧山区道源路)

Zhejiang Gongshang University (浙江工商大学)
Address: No.18, Xuezheng Street, Xiasha, Hangzhou (杭州市下沙高教园区学正路18号)

Xiaohe Hill (小和山)
Address: West Lake District, Hangzhou (杭州市西湖区)

Xiangshan Campus of China Academy of Art (中国美院象山校区)
Address: No.352, Xiangshan Village, Zhuangtang Town, Hangzhou (杭州市塘转镇象山村352号)
Eight Diagrams Field (八卦田)
Address: Ciyun Ridge, Zhakou Street, Hangzhou (杭州市闸口街道慈云岭)
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