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Hangzhou's Taxi Advertising in London 2018-10-23
Although it is an old news, but still worth to share

"Recently, in the London streets, you will notice the unique taxi, on which body there is Hangzhou tourism advertising and the background is the night scene of Hangzhou West Lake. The words WELCOME TO HANGZHOU CHINA on the taxi body is particularly eye-catching. In oder to get more tourism superiority and attract more and more people all over the world come to HangZhou to take a visit, HangZhou tourism sector decided to grasp the Olympic opportunity.

As is know to all, the old-fashioned taxi is one of the landmarks of London, England. March 5, the Hangzhou municipal government held a large-scale tourism promotion activities in London so that the global marketing project of unparalleled beautiful Hangzhou was launched. About 150 taxis and three bus in London have the Hangzhou tourism advertisements on taxis body.

Livingston, the former mayor of London, had attended the event and during the meeting Livingston praised Hangzhou as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. One people who comes from the United Kingdom's tourism industry hold a cup of Longjing tea and said it smelt so incense. He said he had been deeply moved by this event because he even hardly pronounce the Hangzhou before today's activities, but now he was especially eager to go to Hangzhou city to take a visit. According to the official workers, this event was one of the important part of 2012 Hangzhou global travel marketing. The 30th Olympic Games will be held in London in this summer and based on this good opportunity, Hangzhou government want to show the city figure in London and attract more and more Europe and America people. Finally, the international tourism market strategy will be implemented actively.

At the same time, based on the Facebook, the world's largest social networking site, as important platform, Hangzhou tourism sector has established long-term fans page to attract tourist. On the Facebook page, you will find the Go To Hangzhou online game, which is blent in taxi body image advertising. When playing with this game, you just need to use keyboard as drive and control the virtual characters to run to catch up with the bus. On the occasion of Olympic Games held in London, in order to enhance users' impression and strengthen advertisement, the online game and offline activities are held at the same time, which is a perfect marketing program. During this process, users can feel the beautiful Hangzhou scenery at a relaxed interactive experience. 

source: hihangzhou.com
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