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Hangzhou Seeks for Modern-day “Marco Polo” 2018-10-11
HANGZHOU -(Mar. 11, 2013) . The most beautiful trip in the world - a free tour of Hangzhou, coupled with an amazing monetary award. The ceremony launching the worldwide search for the modern “Marco Polo” was held with grandeur in Hangzhou on March 11.

The selected traveler will be entitled to the most beautiful trip in the world, including a 15-day complimentary tour of Hangzhou, the opportunity to experience Chinese lifestyle and an award of40,000 euros. All the winner is required to do in return is share with the world the details of his or her unforgettable Hangzhou stay.

The organizer, Hangzhou Tourism Commission, invited Dr. Liu Yun, Vice President of Google and President of Google China, to the launch ceremony. Liu Yun, on behalf of YouTube, together with Li Hong, director of Hangzhou Tourism Commission, Wang Xinzhang, deputy director of Hangzhou Tourism Commission, and a number of Chinese and foreign guests and reporters, witnessed the release of the “Be the Modern Marco Polo Experience Program” campaign on four major international social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. Hangzhou is taking the China’s lead in promotion on these four key Social Media platforms. Starting here, more and more Chinese cities may hold worldwide tourist destination competitions.

The campaign comprises “Hangzhou Challenge” and “Travel Gear” as well as four online experience sessions, including “My Chinese Name”, “My Hangzhou Menu”, “My Hangzhou Costume” and “My Hangzhou Love Story”. Entrants who meet the requirements of all major sessions will enter the final round. The winner is entitled to a 15-day, free tour of cultural, historicalHangzhou and its Chinese tea, silk, traditional medicines, the art of sigillography (seal and chop-making) and martial arts. The winner also will be awarded with a 40,000 euro contract to be Hangzhou’s roving ambassador to promote the city worldwide. In addition to these awards, the organizer will distribute gifts featuring Hangzhou’s traditional culture. For more information, please visit Hangzhou’s Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/HangzhouChina.

Even though Hangzhou West Lake is on the World Heritage list, through captivating events on Hangzhou’s Facebook page and the interactive features of the four social network platforms, Hangzhou Tourism Commission aims to promote Hangzhou as a fashionable and living city representative of Asia, rather than merely a Chinese city that has maintained some cultural relics.

(source: http://www.hangzhouweekly.com)
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