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Top 10 Wharfs along the Grand Canal Hangzhou
Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province,China
Top 10 wharfs along the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal (Hangzhou Section) include Tourism Wharf near Zhejiang Kiln Park, Tourism Wharf near Yunhe Tiandi (Canal World), Qiaoxi Tour...

Brief of Top 10 Wharfs along the Grand Canal Hangzhou

Top 10 wharfs along the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal (Hangzhou Section) include Tourism Wharf near Zhejiang Kiln Park(浙窑公园附近码头), Tourism Wharf near Yunhe Tiandi (Canal World运河天地附近码头), Qiaoxi Tourism Wharf(桥西码头), Hangzhou Local Specialties Wharf(杭州土特产码头),Gongchen Bridge Wharf(拱宸桥码头),Beixinguan Tourism Wharf(北新关码头), Xinyifang (Maiyuqiao) Wharf信义坊(卖鱼桥码),Xiangji Temple Wharf(香积寺码头), Imperial Wharf (御码头) and Wulinmen Wharf (武林门码头).

(1)Tourism Wharf near Zhejiang Kiln Park(浙窑公园附近码头)

Tucked away in north Hangzhou, 30 min’s walking distance from the Yunhe Tiandi(Canal World) sits Zhejiang Kiln park, the starting point of the hiking & biking trail ending at Wulinmen Square. Heading southward, you will pass along the Yunhe Tiandi in half an hour on foot and arrive at the Qiaoxi Historic Street featuring 5 museums in around 50 min.

Zhejiang Kiln Park, restored from old boat houses, is home to ceramics-themed galleries, studios and workshops. Cafes, boutique restaurants, bars and lounges nestle side by side.

(2)Tourism Wharf near Yunhe Tiandi (Canal World运河天地附近码头)

Yunhe Tiandi (Canal World) is an emerging trendy dining &recreational venue in north Hangzhou, echoing Xintiandi in west Hangzhou.

A riverfront walk along the wharf will acquaint you with the pristine charm of the canal. The passing barges, tourist boats, gulls, funky dining & recreational blocks contrast sharply with the high rises in the outer ring. Welcome to the old world.

(3)Qiaoxi Tourism Wharf(桥西码头)

Qiaoxi Tourist Wharf is one of the three most thrilling parts of the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal (Hangzhou section). Five museums restored from the old factories, will steal your heart by their exquisite crafts and colorful hands-on activities. Come to marvel at fans, umbrellas, scissors, knives, swords, and bring a piece of old Hangzhou home with budget-friendly souvenirs.

(4)Hangzhou Local Specialties Wharf(杭州土特产码头)

Standing on the waterfront deck, you can catch an intimate glimpse of the Gongchen Bridge, watch the assorted ships and listen to the lullaby of the Grand Canal, up-close and personal.

(5)Gongchen Bridge Wharf(拱宸桥码头)

Opposite of Qiaoxi Historic Block sits Gongchen Bridge Wharf, one of the most vibrant wharfs along the Grand Canal (Hangzhou section). During daytime, you can climb the Gongchen Bridge, watch the barges plying the Grand Canal and visit the 5 museums off the Qiaoxi Historic Block. When night falls, this wharf comes alive with light, music and dances. Join the “Square Dance” in the Yunhe Cultural Square, or idle away in the Qianyun Tea House, or Shuyu Café. The movie-set charm of this area will take your breath away.

(6)Beixinguan Tourism Wharf(北新关码头)

Beixinguan was a tax house during the 17th century.

(7)Xinyifang (Maiyuqiao) Wharf信义坊(卖鱼桥码头)

Hailing from Hushu Nanlu(Hushu South Road), Maiyuqiao Wharf was a bustling fish market. The city dwellers, mostly composed of housewives, would come here to buy fresh fish in the early morning. Though these fishermen live in urban Hangzhou, they view themselves as farmers. As early as the Southern Song Dynasty(1127-1279), Maiyuqiao Wharf experienced an economy boom. Fares and goods of all description were sold here. Ships and barges constantly plied the canal. At the turn of the 19th century, this wharf experienced a slow, but steady decline. Water transportation gave away to road transportation. This wharf is gradually deserted, and forgotten. In recent years, this wharf was restored, to revive its past glory, if not original look. Thanks to the complete rejuvenation, it radiates again.

(8)Xiangji Temple Wharf(香积寺码头)

Xiangji Temple Wharf is steps away from Xiangji Temple, one of the top 8 temples of Hangzhou.

Around 20min’s walking distance away is Dadou Historic Block, a stylish pedestrian street teemed with boutique restaurants. Locals throng this wharf during night, carrying their flutes or music instruments. Their solo or chorus are equally intoxicating. The pedestrian boulevard wedged between the canal and Dadou Historic Street is frequented by hikers and cyclists. Pick a restaurant along the Dadou Road nearby, or sit comfortably in an open-air riverfront patio, you will fully soak up the charm of this amazing canal.

(9)Imperial Wharf (御码头)

During the Qing Dynasty(1636-1911), Emperor Kangxi and Qianlong launched 11 expeditions to Hangzhou, land of rice and fish, tea and silk, leisure and refined lifestyle. Each time, his resplendent pleasure boats would park along the Imperial Wharf. Imperial Wharf nestles cozily off the east bank of the Grand Canal, bordering Fuyi Granary to the south and Desheng Bridge to the north. It consists of a wharf, a majestic pavilion called Nanxun Pavilion(南薰轩) and some steles. Ideal for a contemplation and photo-snapping.

(10)Wulinmen Wharf (武林门码头)

From Wulinmen Wharf, you can cruise northward to Gongchen Bridge, or southward to the mighty Qiantang River, responsible for the world-renowned Qiantang tidal bore. Be more adventurous, take ship to Suzhou and Wuxi. Nearby museums include Zhejiang Science and Technology Museum, Zhejiang Nature Museum, Zhejiang Provincial Museum. With luxury shopping malls and services meeting all your needs nearby, this area, the downtown core of Hangzhou, promises so much to see and do.

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