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Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake
No.1, Gushan Houshan Road, Hangzhou (杭州市孤山后山路1号)
Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake offers a broad view of West Lake and is a perfect spot to view the moon.

Brief of Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake

Situated at the west end of the Bai Causeway, Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake is an attractive lakeside scenic spot with delicate pavilions, zigzag little bridges, odd-shaped  rockeries, water-hemmed terraces, and trees and flowers of many colorful varieties.

The location, which offers a broad view of West Lake, can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Built here was Lakeview Pavilion, a favorite spot for poet-governor Bai Juyi, who gave a vivid description of the pavilion in his poem, entitled A Late Return From the Lakeview Pavilion.

To experience the charm of Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake, visit the place during a full moon, and especially during The Middle-Autumn Festival (an important traditional Chinese festival occurring in each 15th day of the eighth lunar month). It is a highlight in the calendar of the Hangzhounese to soak up the view of dreamy waters shimmering in the moonlight, to chat with family members or friends and to enjoy moon cakes, filling and delicious dishes and assorted fruits. Visit Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake for a truly romantic and memorable experience!

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