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China Tea Museum - Shuangfeng Branch
中国茶叶博物馆 (双峰馆)
No.88, Longjing Road, Hangzhou (杭州市龙井路88号)
In the musuemn, you can not only get familiar with the origin, history, development, wares, replicas and varieties of tea, but also the profound tea culture.

Brief of China Tea Museum - Shuangfeng Branch

For those with a thirst for history and culture, surrounded by verdant mountains, blankets of green tea leaves, trickling streams and tranquil ponds, is the China National Tea Museum.

Located in Shuangfeng Village (双峰村) southwest of the West Lake is this national museum - Shuangfeng branch which over 7,000 sq m showcases a bewildering display of tea ranging from black to green, white to dark and from Yunnan brick to Fujian oolong. Consisting of four separate buildings, the first is dedicated to the history of tea cultivation, customs and ceramic tea-sets. The second is for academic use, the third features six tea rooms of different styles and offers visitors the opportunity to sample a variety of teas and the fourth building is devoted to the art of tea ceremonies.

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