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Qingteng Teahouse
No.278, Nanshan Road, Hangzhou (杭州市南山路278号)
Sitting near West Lake, Qingteng Teahouse is easily accessed. Its style is a fusion of Chinese and Japanese flavor.
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    Brief of Qingteng Teahouse

    Qingteng Teahouse is a chain of teahouses which witnessed its first opening in 1996. The recommended branch to visit is located opposite the West Lake on Nanshan Road and is decorated in Jiangnan style where over 5000sq m of floor space are dedicated to ten main zones aptly named after the top ten views of the West Lake. With sounds of Qin and Xiao playing in the background and luscious green bamboo, bridges with streams flowing beneath and winding paths to follow – tea this Mother’s Day will satisfy any number of tastes. 

    Just like Hu Pan Ju Teahouse, Qingteng mainly serves famous teas and snacks from the Jiangnan region and the food here is also served in the form of a buffet which includes meals, local snacks like Dingshen Cake and Cong Bao Hui and dim sum, fruits and drinks.

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