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Hu Pan Ju Teahouse
No.1, Shengtang Scenic Area,Hangzhou(杭州市圣塘景区1号)
Located in the Six Garden Park near the Hubin Shopping Area, Hupanju is one of the oldest and most well-known teahouses in town.

Brief of Hu Pan Ju Teahouse

Established in 1998 Hu Pan Ju is the city’s most well-known teahouse and located beside the West Lake and surrounded by water on three sides it offers unrivaled views of the enticing West Lake.

The teahouse offers a wide variety of high quality teas which includes superior West Lake Shifeng (Lion Peak) Longjing Green Tea, over 100 teas certificated by China Tea Museum and various flower teas from all over the world all of which are brewed by Hangzhou’s number one natural Tiger Spring and number three Spring in China.

To cater to every taste there are a wealth of tea snacks which add up to over 100 and are served in the form of a buffet. In addition, tea feasts and tea shows are available and various kinds of exquisite tea sets from different periods are also on show. The teahouse offers a variety of seating options, varying from private rooms accommodating 2 to 30 to outdoor waterfront seats where you can soak up the scenery, romanticised by poets, painters, calligraphers and emperors during the past millennium.

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