Hangzhou dates back to the Neolithic Age or New Stone Age and throughout its long history a number of different cultures have settled here but it is the Liangzhu Culture that has been unearthed as the greatest. Liangzhu Culture is an important part of the Chinese ancient culture in the Yangtze River Delta and was named after Liangzhu Town (良渚镇) Yuhang County, Hangzhou City where it was first discovered. More>>

●Jade Culture of Liangzhu

China has a time-honored history of producing jade artifacts and its history can go back as far as 7000 years ago. When the people of the Humudu culture (a Neolithic culture from 5500 BC to 3300 BC that flourished just south of the Hangzhou Bay) consciously selected beautiful stones, from materials used for producing daily tools, to accessorize themselves and decorate their houses the era of Chinese jade culture began, and by the time of Liangzhu Culture the Chinese jade culture had reached its heyday. More>>

●Black Pottery

Besides the exquisite jade artifacts, Liangzhu culture is also well known for its shiny black pottery. Originating in China in the New Neolithic age, black pottery is a unique craft mastered by the Han nation and is characterized by its shiny black color, clear vibrations and paper-thin vessel walls. More>>