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As the weather gets colder we try to imagine it being warmer. Well, there is no need to imagine anymore as now you can dive into nine of the most beautiful hot springs near Hangzhou. Soaking up the tranquil waters as well as the surrounding scenery is, surely, a warm welcome to any winter’s day.

Huzhou Moon Hot Spring

Huzhou Moon Hot Spring is on the south bank of Taihu Lake and its architecture is in a Southeastern Asian style. Entering the hot spring area is like taking an adventure into the forest in Southeast Asia. Guests can enjoy the refreshing scent of plants as well as the warm spring water and the best time for enjoying the Huzhou Moon Hot Spring is at night under the moonlit sky.

Price: 368 RMB per person
Address: No. 5858 Taihu Road, Wuxing District

Jiangnan Tianchi Hot Spring

Jiangnan Tianchi Hot Spring lies in Anji, the home of bamboo. Remember the amazing shots in the movie Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon? Well this is that place. The road to Jiangnan Tianchi is flanked by thick bamboo forest and this beautiful landscape makes the journey here all the more pleasant. The hot spring is on the top of Tianhuangping Mountain, the first night park in China.

The hot springs are outdoor carbonated springs and the most enjoyable thing to do here is to soak in the hot spring, admire the starry sky and listen to the soft music. In addition to the hot spring guests can also have fun with skating, archery and a grass slide.

Price: 198 RMB per person
Address: Tianhuangping, Anji

Lin’an Tuankou Hot Spring

Lin’an is believed to be the backyard of Hangzhou and visiting here in winter your choice of activities is aplenty. You can go skating at Daming Mountain, explore Baisha Village, sample the newly collected pecan nuts and take a bath in Tuankou’s hot spring.

This is a Bali style hot spring and it is one of the largest hot spring spas in Eastern China. There are 37 outdoor pools and 28 indoor pools all with different functions. With a history of 1,300 years, Tuankou hot spring in ancient times was called Tianmu Mountain hot spring. The spring water here is beneficial to health in ways of both drinking and bathing.

Price: 350 RMB per person
Address: No. 188 Tuanquan Street, Tuankou Town, Lin’an

Yuyao Yangming Hot Spring Villa

This is a hot spring hotel on the theme of Wang Yangming, one of the Four Sages in Yuyao. This villa is surrounded by hills, hot springs and forest, and the surrounding green tea fields, the birdsong in the morning and the singing of creeks in the midnight make it a most relaxing and peaceful setting.

The hotel in the villa is unique in the Yangtze Delta area. Guests can enjoy a natural hot spring in the hotel room. Food will be delivered through a special window, which helps to protect each guest’s privacy.

Price: 208 RMB per person
Address: No. 8 Hot Spring Road, Lufu Town

Cixi Dapeng Mountain Hot Spring

Unlike the public hot spring pools, Cixi Dapeng Mountain Hot Spring provides guests with more privacy. Here, you can enjoy quiet time alone or chat with your closest friends.

The hot spring hotel has 27 detached houses with private courtyards and outdoor hot spring pools, all of which are furnished with classic Chinese decorations. Adorned with Chinese paintings, Suzhou embroidery and orchards, the houses are both quaint and elegant.

Price: 200 RMB per person
Address: Cixi Dapeng Mountain Tourism Area

Ninghai Forest Hot Spring

Ninghai Forest Hot Spring is also called Tianming Mountain Nanxi Hot Spring. Surrounded by thousands of acres of primeval forest it is also a natural oxygen valley. Here, visitors will really have an opportunity to get close to nature.

The hot spring pools are built on the hillside which allows some of the pools to be exposed to the open-air. Other pools are sheltered in wooden houses with great privacy. With steam forming fairy-like clouds above this really is the ideal location for a relaxing bath. In the open-air area, free ginger tea is served to ward off any colds.

Price: 228 RMB per person
Address: Shenzhen Town, Ninghai, Ningbo

Pujiang Xianhua Four Seasons Hot Spring

This hot spring hides in Xianhua Mountain. The 98 hot spring pools scattered at the foot of Xianhua mountain like stars. The pools are decorated in different styles, the Japanese ones are elegant, the French ones are romantic, and the Thai ones are mysterious. Without traveling far, one can experience worldwide exotic charm.

In the reception hall, the luxurious decoration of crystal chandeliers, classic wooden furniture and exquisite ornaments abound. The exotic hubs are hidden in the looming bushes which are equipped with private hot spring pools. Hot spring servants are at your service.

Price: 198 RMB per person
Address: No. 388 Xianhua Road, Pujiang

Wuyi Tangfeng Hot Spring

Tangfeng Hot Spring is reminiscent of the romance of the Tang Dynasty and creates a dream from that flourishing age. The architecture preserves the classic style of a Chinese garden and enables you to immerse yourself deep in thought whilst you soothe your mind, body and soul in one of its steaming pools of spring water. With the pool’s curtains waving in the breeze, this place is just like Tang Dynasty Palaces in the movies.

In the open-air pools there are more than 20 different kinds of hot spring. With the rockeries as the screen and the road paved by creek stones, the scenery changes from pool to pool. The decoration and the dress of the waiters are all in the style of the Tang Dynasty.

Price: 198 RMB per person
Address: Taishan Scenic Area, Wuyi, Jinhua

Suichang Tangmu Garden Hot Spring

Located in the south of Zhejiang, Suichang Tangmu Garden Hot Spring is the first hot spring in the primitive forest in Asia. In the 150 year old forest the ancient trees stand like green umbrellas. The air quality is superb and the pathways are made of natural cobblestone and wood. The pools are also built in the spaces of the trees in order to protect the environment.

Every hot spring pool in the garden is equipped with a leisure cottage. Guests can enjoy the hot spring as well as the fresh air and the thick forest protects the privacy of the guests.

Price: 168 RMB per person
Address: Datian Village, Dazhe Towns