Ways to Tour Around the West Lake

  • Leisurely cruising West Lake enables you to enjoy, at different angles, a variety of its views and gliding past ancient Chinese monuments whilst getting a glimpse of a modern day Hangzhou is what can only be described as the sail of the century.

  • Speaking of the best ways to tour around West Lake we mustn’t forget the public bicycles which are a free and easy way of seeing Hangzhou and its stunning West Lake.

  • With a number of scenic spots scattered around its 6.39 sq km area, it can easily take a full day to experience the whole of the lake. Among one of the ways to tour this picturesque waterscape and for the ride of your life taking a tourist car is no doubt the most cosy, time-saving and environment-friendly of them all.

  • Hangzhou, merited for many reasons, is particularly complimented for its well-developed public transport system. With low fares, a comfortable seating environment and friendly drivers, Hangzhou public buses have been favoured by many and even more so now that several tourist lines have been introduced.

Events and Festivals

  • West Lake Osmanthus Festival

    Sweet osmanthus, the city flower of Hangzhou since 1984, has been grown in China for about 2,500 years. Because of its pleasant scent, ornamental and medicinal value, it enjoys high popularity amongst Hangzhou locals and has become an indispensible part of Hangzhou culture. It’s one of the many highlights while traveling in Hangzhou in autumn.

  • West Lake International Tea Culture Expo

    Hangzhou, the tea capital of China, has a time-honored history in tea cultivation and tea drinking. The Expo has been held annually since 2005, aiming to promote tea culture and deepen the development of tea industry. During the Expo, people get to see tea frying performances as well as various other kinds of Chinese tea in its opening ceremony.

  • West Lake Spring Flower Show

    Spring is a time of new life where animals wake from their hibernation and many flowers begin to bloom and to welcome in this inaugural season, West Lake Spring Flower Show is held annually with a myriad of flowers dominating the venue and it usually weaves elements of the relevant year’s zodiac sign into the flower show.

  • West Lake International Expo

    Originally, begun in 1929, West Lake International Expo has been known as the gold name card for Hangzhou. The Expo is characterized not only by the best of Hangzhou products, but also the best of Hangzhou culture, history, and scenery.

  • West Lake Fair for Pilgrims

    The fair usually lasts for about three months from February 12 (the birthday of flowers) to May 5 on the Lunar Calendar (Dragon Boat Festival). The scene of the fair is rather splendid with thousands of people flooding into the hallowed temples, with local stores elaborately decorated and vendor's stalls covering every inch of the ground.

  • Hangzhou West Lake Lotus Show

    West Lake Lotus Show usually takes place in midsummer for a period of June through July, when varieties of lotus flowers are in full bloom. It’s a Chinese tradition to view lotus flowers, and West Lake has long been considered the best place to enjoy lotus flowers. There is even one view about lotus flowers in Top Ten Views of West Lake, that is, Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden.

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