Since ancient times foreigners have been flocking to Hangzhou capturing in pictures and words the true beauty of this remarkable, ever changing city and its magnificent West Lake. It is easy to see why many have fallen for the city they call heaven and whilst some foreigners are just here for a brief visit or business trip, others have lived in Hangzhou for most of their life and now consider it their number one home. Strangers to Hangzhou they may be these foreigners have, however, through their eyes faithfully depicted what is clearly an impressive West Lake in a spectacular city.

Timeline of Foreigners Visiting Hangzhou

19th Century

  • Arthur Evans Moule
    (1864 – 1874)

    The then English missionary to China

  • John Leighton Stuart
    (1876 – 1887)

    The first President of Yenching University and the then United States ambassador to China

  • Isabella Lucy Bird

    The first woman to be elected Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

  • Robert Ferris Fitch
    (1873 - 1954)

    The fourth president of Hangzhou University

20th Century

  • Frederick D. Cloud

    The then Vice American Consul in Hangzhou

  • William Edgar Geil

    The first person believed to have travelled the entire length of the Ming-section of the Great Wall of China

  • Charles Lang Freer

    The founder of Freer Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C

  • Benjamin Franklin March

    Professor of Columbia University

  • Ernst Boerschmann

    German architect

  • Sidney David Gamble

    Staff member of Y.M.C.A Beijing

  • Richard Nixon

    Former American President

  • Georges Pompidou

    French President

  • George Bush

    The then vice President of American